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Monday, 19 September 2022

Shekhinah Through my heart to yours!

 I am very old and you have heard my name many times and many of you seek me in an old book. 

When you read the Bible, you find many stories, many paths and many feelings. And furthermore you find war, you find sad happenings that make you cry.

There are happy moments too in the Bible and there you find much joy.

Most of you think you find me - there - in the Book. You think I am an old man with a white beard going about and doing things in the book.

The truth is: I am right now, here and now exactly where you are.

Many of you think I am more in a church? More often in a temple? Do you know why I am there?

I am there because you are there. I am wherever you are!

You are just as important to me even if you do not go to a church each week.

I am by your side anyway. 

If you do not find a local church to go to, start one yourself! Welcome your best friends! When you are more... the more joy there is!

But no matter where you live, I am there by your side, ready to hold your hand and ready to embrace you when you are sad and lonely.

Your house, your appartement, your castle, your hut, your bench in the park, your cabin, your streetcorner, it does not make any difference to me.

I love you just as you are, wherever you are!

The shekhinah where you find me is in your heart, and this you carry with you all the time.

And if you want to walk the lovepath with me, side by side with me our hearts will beat as one, and you are so welcome wherever you are!

I love you,


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