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Monday, 25 April 2022

God talks today: What about love?

Dear beloved children, I love you more than you can ever believe.

I am God and I am one of the creators of your world. My name originated from Goding but as time passed on you forgot part of my name. And somewhere in the middle - you called me gODINg.

Yes I am the one you refer to as GOD but I was not alone when I created your planet.

Some of you have put me on a piedistal.

Some of you have put me as a male individual on a high mountain. And I have been working with this ever since it started.

It has to do with the balance between the male and female energies.

I never wanted to be the only creator, because I never was.

But you wanted to believe this.

The truth is: Mother Earth is the greatest creator of all. She and the feminine energy is ALL that you need to asimilate with.

The masculine energy have ruled for many thousands of years and look now at the result:

Babies are starving to death. People have not clean water to drink. The planet is swimming in plastics. You are shopping down the very important trees. And much much more.

The essence in your life is that you are never satisfied?

There is always something else, you could buy to make you feel better? Another pill from the doctor will fix your health?

All these thousands of years I have cried everytime you started a war, everytime you killed someone. Often you called "in my name" in the name of God I have the "right" to kill - to end life for another being, human or animal or trees.

I never wanted any war, any ending of life. 

I cherish life, life is my creation! You are so preacious to me! But you have miss interpreted me totally.

You are mostly interested in technology, development, so you can move faster and communicate on longer range.

You are hooked on communication, vision, looking at a picture.

I love you so much but you do not hear me. I am inside you. I am in your heart. 

Your heart is the most refined place of communication.

Please use it, I listen to you always.

When the day comes and you take love seriously just as much as you take technical advancement - then you have found balance.

You have also found balance when you listen and tap into Mother Earth, feel her heartbeat, she walks beside you just as I do.

Mother Earth is my best friend and I aid her all I can.

Your feet walk on earth, on her, your Mother, and she knows you.

She feels you and know of every feeling and thought that you have.

Just as I feel you, there are no separation.

You are my dear children and I await that you tune down all the media, the technology, all that is outside of you and take valuable time for yourself to meditate and visit your inside instead.

You have all the answers on the inside in your heart. You are already connected with me. 

But you think you are only connected when you are online on the internet?

No that is just an image. Some people make big money on leading you astray from me.

They present you with a feeling of unity by technology, by being connected with a device that you have to buy.

I offer you a connection free of charge.

Some say the best things in life is free?

You have better believe it!

I see your struggle every day, I feel your feelings every day.

I say prayers for you every day and I light candles for you every day.

If you do not feel the faith in me, feel free to ask me questions.

No questions are wrong.

You can ask me anything.

I love you anyway and I await you and whatever you want to talk about.

Please know that you are created from love, hope, faith, joy, goodness, grace, harmony, rythm, music, and colors. 

You are the most magnificent being, a creation of the universe, and no technological gadget can ever superseed you

You have the phone to call me - your heart - and you have my phone numer too - and that is your faith in me.

Call me anytime you like and I promise I am always online for you I guarantee it!

I love you


(This is a channeling with God through channeler Kerstin Eriksson on 2022-04-25)

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