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Saturday, 11 July 2020

Golda Meir; World cohesion

"There is a fabric, an important fabric, like a large rug.

Millions of threads, working in the fabric, together.

Together, a platform is created that looks like a rug, in all its beautiful patterns and colors.

The carpet, or fabric, is also a fundamental foundation of world peace,  and world cohesion!

In every home, where the desire for friendship and love exists, there is a part of the carpet!

It is a part of everyone's home, where you put your feet!

The victory and the goal that cohesion is a part of life on earth already exists in our hearts, as a crystal clear reality! There is no doubt!

Do you see the carpet, do you feel the fabric in your home?

When was the last time you brushed it off?

When was the last time you cared for it?

So that the part that you have in your home shines in the most beautiful and bright colors?

Maybe you go straight in with your shoes on?

Love yourself and wash your feet, lubricate them with a fragrant and beneficial oil, before you enter the important fabric of peace!

The fabric, the carpet, moves, it is alive, it breathes, the more you love yourself and your neighbor, the more beautiful it becomes!

In some homes it is forgotten! In some homes it is rolled up and placed in a corner where no light reaches!

The web of the world, the web of peace, is moving and needs to return to the homes where it has been forgotten!

New trials await! And through it all, we become stronger! Never forget that!

Golda Meyer"

(I found this today and I wrote this channeling in 2017 in December 14. I thought I must publish it, even thought it is late! The world is going through times with Covid and it is devastating as a war, but in another way! I love this text! Thank you dear Golda Meir and forgive me I posted very late!)

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