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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Mother Mary; Embracing you!

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
Today I will hold you in my arms! After a long time of worries you are tired, and also afraid.

Most fear belongs to lower dimensions. Most of the time fear is an energy that is holding you down.

Maybe you dream about your fears? When you meet your fears in your dreams it is because you are made a point!

Fear is a part of life. Fear is a part of life on earth many times. Fear can be good in some particular ways.

When you wander in a forrest and you can not see where you put your feet, then it is good to suddenly feel fear about the next step, because one step away there is a gorge, and you would have fallen tragically or worse. Then fear is a good thing, when it warns you of emminent accidents. But when your fear is lingering in the back of your thinking, almost all the time, it is of no good use for you.

Today it is fullmoon and many of you dream about what is bothering you. It can be about fear! And what can you do with this dream information?

Your fear is like a mirror to what you experience in your life on Earth. You probably go through a rough time right now, so I say; love your mirror, love your fear, embrace it like it is a little child, it is a part of you, hold it in your arms, because you need time to heal, you need time to feel safe and be loved.

That is why I hold you in my arms because I know what you are going through!

Please have faith in me,

I love you,
Mother Mary

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