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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Archangel Michael; The adventure has started!

I am archangel Michael,
and I am a part of the
Galactic Service
throughout the universe!
I serve and I protect, and my
family, is a family coming from
the Eagle tribe on the Pleiades!
Many thousands of years ago
I visited Earth, and men and women
noticed me as they sat by the fire
looking up in the dark sky seeing
the stars! They then started calling me
their sacred spirit, the Eagle!
As I have been around for a very long time
I say, get up and stand up for your rights!
Sing your song of freedom now, don’t wait!
I am always with you,
protecting you as I always have!
Some say I am a part of the galactic police squad!
And I say, yes, that is right! We work in many dimensions,
worlds, and planets. We always work where we are especially needed!
And we never leave until the job is finished!
We work diligently until faith, hope and love
and peace are totally reached and manifested
through out the entire planet, Mother Earth!
We are very patient, and we work along sides you,
and if you like, we walk hand in hand with you as you
are about to embark an adventure!
These times are an adventure and a progress towards
peace, on this planet!
In this special moment in time
I want to say; know how loved you are!
And you are the beautiful green grass
that now has grown up to actual flowers!
Each straw of grass has turned into very beautiful, unique flowers,
all in different magical colors, that no human eyes have ever seen before!
Know in your heart how many you are! Know in your heart how many sisters and brothers
you have throughout the planet!
And you are all needed, and you are all magnificent and unique
and the adventure is
the path, we walk together, hand in hand towards peace on Earth!
I am Michael, and I serve God
and Faith is my Love and lantern!