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Thursday, 9 March 2023

Archangel Gabriel I love you more now than before!

I am Gabriel and I really know you, I walk beside you, and you don´t even feel me, or understand that I am so close.

But I love you more now than before!

Do you know why?

Because I see into your struggle, I feel your tears and I feel what sorrows and traumas you have gone through.

But you still think that you are alone?

I am an angel and I communicate through the energy of love always!

See all of your contacts in the etherical realms and all the other possible contacts you may have, as available in an invisible walkie-talkie.

You have this invisible "walkie-talkie" in your hands and you adjust it into whatever channel you like, to your own choosing.

But the love channel is only one of many hundreds of channels, so it is very important for you that you choose this one so that we finally can communicate with each other.

And how do you do it? 

You have to love yourself first, accepting yourself in your heart. 

If you feel low in any way I am there with you, but it is much harder to be in contact because you are in-tangled with negative emotions.

But I am still by your side! Waiting for you to love yourself no matter what.

Some say oposites attract? And that is somewhat true.

But you attract love WITH LOVE!

So inside of you, you have an ocean of possibilities, and space that you can use for love. 

Take time to really create a loving place within yourself, make room for it! 

See your love as beautiful seeds that just lie there waiting for you to plant them, water them, nourishe them.

You need to put some effort into this! So you create a new room within you filled with love, and then, you will attract love!

Even if you feel different feelings over things that are going on in your life, you feel sad, and injusticified, and you feel many feelings because your life is not easy at all, and I love you even more because I really want to hold your hand at these moments.

But when you are sad or low or whatever, you put yourself out of yourself and forget that you always need to be within your sanctuary of love and gratefulness within your heart.

All the emotions, the negative force of them becomes something that you hurt yourself with. 

You are many times surrounded by a storm. 

But you need to keep yourself in the eye of the storm, and never let go of yourself. The storm is like a show. Let the show go on, but you can learn to just observe it. You don´t have to be an actor in it.

You are a pure energy of love. 

But out in the storm, and with all the emotions, you forget who you are.

So please step out of it, save yourself, and just be an observer. It is already hard as it is, I know, but you dont´t have be so involved that you forget about who you are, and why you came to Earth to live.

Many of you go through tough times now. And you are more loved now than before, because we and my angel collegues feel your anxiety.

So please, dear beloveds, love yourselves and when you glide out of your safe haven and go into the war of emotions, just remind yourself, I await you, I always do and we will always meet in the sacred room of your heart where love reignes.

I love you always,


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