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Saturday, 2 October 2021

Mother Mary When you love every breath magic begins! 2 Oct 2021

I am Mother Mary! Maybe you have heard about me? Well I am old anyway and I can tell a story or two.

No one knows everything. That is impossible. And why do I even talk about this? You see, I was young myself at one point in time and I had to learn most things just by doing them.

No one could tell me how to do things or learn by reading a book, no I had to live it, do it, to actually understand the wisdom of the lessons.

And why is it like this? Why is it impossible to learn about life and do the right things just by reading books for example? Or when you are young and your parents tell you something and you just don´t listen and something else happens?

Well learning by doing is a little bit more complicated than you think!

Your body! Your body is a clever system! Very clever indeed! Many people might think that the body is a un-intelligent system? Oh no! It couldn´t be further from the truth!

The body is actually the souls temple! Your body says EVERYTHING to you! Your body is a tiny cosmos - a micro cosmos an image of the universe.

Every breath you take, every move you make are of absolut vital importance.

Every step you take is recorded within your system. And that is by far not everything your body knows.

Every move you make makes a pattern, it makes a wave in the air. The air is a living element where the angels, for instance live, and also where qi lives and moves constantly.

Every breath of air you take, and of ether, matters and is noted by your system and then signals through your heart and so on into every cell in your body.

You are a living system, a vibrant energy with your own unique colors, patterns and rythms, and we know you inside and out, and so does your own body, the temple where you dwell as a soul.

There are no separation, just breath in the love and breath out the love because love is all there is, if you allow it?

When you love every breath magic begins to happen!

Anyway, even if you don´t believe this, there is still love everywhere and within of you but when you acknowledge this, you will notice a higher elevation of love, within and outside of you!

So when you hear "learning by doing" it means that you put your own brand on your own discoveries. Your mission on this planet is to get your own experiences and turn them into love, in your own personal way that only you can do! 

You create your own trademark of love by following your own heart and doing things your way!

That is why reading a book never can replace a self experience, because that is someone elses learning.

So what are you waiting for?

Just follow your heart and believe in your dreams and listen to what your body says, it is very clever and it never lies to you.

I love you

Mother Mary

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