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Friday, 27 March 2020

Mother Mary; Something important!

Hallo dear beautiful friend, I am Mother Mary and I love you!
I guess it is quite common for almost all of you to look at your tv and be updated on the news and also see what weather it will be the day after.
Talking about the weather is a pretty common topic to talk about and of course it is important.
What I will talk about now is another kind of weather.
It you think of a weather but it is inside of your heart, then think again,
or should I say, feel your weather in your heart, how is it?
Is it stormy in your heart?
Is it calm?
How is your weather today?
In other words how are you doing?
But what I mean is what do you feel in your heart!
I would like to spread sunshine in your heart!
I would like to give you a mild wind that smells of roses just after a rain has fallen in the spring.
I would like to walk with you in this beautiful garden and all is clear and harmonius,
there is no worries, and we are actually happy!
Let me tell you about your secret garden in your heart, it is there, if you have faith in it!
Just imagine your own beautiful garden, that you can always visit and gain new energy.
You own botanical garden can have just the flowers you love the most and in any color you like.
And I will gladly walk in there with you anytime.
Just take time to use your imagination.
Take time to meditate.
It is all about relaxation and good vibrations at your own pace.
If times are stressful, you can always go into your personal heaven within your heart,
just have faith in yourself and your ability to manisfest, to imagine and feel your inner joy flow.
You can always call on me
and I will be there by your side holding your hand if you will!
I love you
Mother Mary A channeling Mother Mary through Kerstin Eriksson

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