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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Mother Mary; Love is an element.

I am Mother Mary and I love you very much!
Early each morning when the sun rises I pray for you all and I see you all!
Every day is newborn and I must say that embracing each day
is awakening the very core of your soul.
The light the day brings, as the sun rises, is new, the little particles of light is unique.
No one is the same as the other.
All unique. Just as you are my dear friend.
The sun does not only shine all time.
The sun creates all the time.
New light, new particles, all over and over.
It is like the sun is singing a song, that changes constantly and
the rays are constantly changing.
That is why each day is newborn, and has never been before.
Each day needs to be blessed, and when you say your prayer each sunrise,
you plant the seeds of the day.
You yourself consist of the light particles, and they reach you even at night time.
Love is an element you can count with.
You usually refer to air, water, fire and earth and also the etherical element.
And now I have to speak out, love is an element and you can count on it.
I love you very much and
please have faith in me,
/Mother Mary

(This is a channeling with Mother Mary through medium and lightworker Kerstin Eriksson

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