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Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Mary Magdalene; I am Archangel Faith!

Hello dear friends I am Mary Magdalene and I love you to the moon and back!
What I would like to talk about today is that I am also an archangel!
I am Archangel Faith!
I know you have heard of the three words of wisdom,
Faith, hope and love!
And these three energies are, they really ARE!
Maybe this is not what you had excpected?
That these energies are the co-creators to the very planet that you are living on!

Faith, Hope and Love are rays of energies and they are everywhere!
They are like photons! They go through everything!

So I ask; are you prepared to be embraced by Faith Hope and Love? Are you ready to be loved?

There will be no end to the miracles that can happen! And how can you feel it?

Well you can feel it if you "sit down in the boat"!

And what do I mean?

I mean that if you are stressed, or if you are worried - you will still feel it, but it will be weaker.

If you try your best to relax, just by being here and now you are on the right path!
You do not need special kind of clothes, or ceremonies, all you have to do is feel the joy in that you ARE!

Enjoy yourself by saying I AM! You do not need anything more!

In this state of consiousness, you will experience love, hope and me, faith, to the fullest!

I Faith, always work together with Hope and Love and there are no separation, so I am really one with this energy, it is a holy energy, a sacred trinity of which is the very foundation to the origin of the universe!

Envision yourself as the microcosmos, you have everything within yourself, no matter how much is happening around you. It is like you are a mountain in the storm, you are the same within, because you hold the light, you hold your own light alive within your sacred heart, and that is how you feel the energy of the holy trinity, Faith Hope and Love!

And I Mary Magdalene
say to you,
I love you very much!

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