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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Lady Venus; The light is within you!

The light is within you!

If you love every olive, if you love every tree, if you love every seed,
if you love the ground that you walk on, then you will know the true light that lives within of you!
When you thank the water that you drink, when you love the sun,
the rain, the wind, the fire that keeps you warm, then you will know the true love in your heart.
Every step is important, in the awakening into being a present being,
present on this earth.
This planet provides for you, if you love the earth back.
The more you love this planet and every step upon it that you take,
the more she will connect with you, and she has waited for you.
She knows of every step that you have taken, she knows of your every heartbeat.
She knows when you have been lonely and when you have been happy.
Make no mistake, yes, she is a living soul, just as you are.
She feels everything, she knows everyone. And she knows life is eternal.
For her there is no death. For her everything is life, in different forms.
She loves you just as you are, and she wishes to be your friend.
And this can happen if you love every drop of water, inside you as without of you.
Every stream, every river, every snowflake, the mist, the rainbow, the oceans,
it is all connected with you.
The water provides a unity consciousness and she listens to you,
and most of all she loves you!
(A channeling through medium and lightworker Kerstin Eriksson and also

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