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Sunday, 12 March 2023

Tyr talks! I am kidnapped!

I am very old, much older than you can believe, and my name is Tyr.

Today my name is a symbol for something I don´t represent at all!

My name first became a letter or as we said long ago, a rune.

But it all started with a sound!

Before all letters were born, they where sounds coming out of the mouths of humans.

First there where a sound. and then it was shaped into a word, then came the writing of the word, in this case the letter for T.

And now this old symbol, for Tyr, T, is kidnapped by very nasty forces that use me for their personal interests.

I don´t like it at all! I do not approve to this!

It makes me sad.

Because if you can allow yourself to steal, you can do all kind´s of bad stuff.

So I say, let me be alone, in peace.

A long time ago Tyr, was a letter, a rune, with a certain wave-length and energy but by being kidnapped gives me bad energy back and it isnot fun at all the whole thing is sad.

And actually before the very sound came out from your mouth´s there were a feeling, a notion, a revelation of some sort.

The spoken language has a very long journey behind it. And much have happened! Every little letter counts, every feeling behind every sound, IS.

Use your mouth to talk in peace with each other. Take your time but don´t let go of it.

Because war starts when you stop talking to each other and use guns instead.

Don´t let it go too far, when you feel it, when you feel a gutfeeling that something is not right, take action and make it right but in a peaceful manner.

The war does not start the day when the first bomb is dropped. It starts long time before. 

It starts with feelings, but you put a lid on it.

Your body tells you something. And your body gives you a feeling. Good or bad. And if it is bad, speak up, and don´t be silent! 

I would prefer if you used the words for speaking the truth and for at all times to make peace.

Sort things out at an early stage, talk, have peace-talks. And avoid war and all that comes with it.

But what you really need is the will.

You need the will to speak up, and you need a will to keep on speaking until you are fully heard by those that it concerns.

It is actually not so hard to start a war. You just need money and people around you, an army. It is much harder to be strong and not let go of a serious peace-talk and to not leave until it is settled in a good way.

When a letter, an old one, a rune, is kidnapped, be prepared to speak up, because thieves are stealing your right to write, talk your language. 

I pray for that peace will come to earth, that love will reign, and that I know it will be someday, but now, at first you must demand peace-talks wherever you are...when letters, words are being aware!

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