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Thursday, 5 November 2020

WTC Conference!

We gathered here today in our home where we live in heaven, and we must say we all miss our dear beloved families and friends.

We know about all the questions you have,  you who are still on earth, about what happened that day.

Ask for a disclosure. Yes! Ask for the truth!

And maybe you have already felt the truth in your heart?

The thing is you can feel it, I mean the truth, yes, because it is there in your heart.

No one escapes death on Earth, sooner or later everyone leaves the body, and yet our souls are forever, eternal.

In a world of peace and love - people grow old most of the times, apart from some accidents.

In a world built on fear and lies there will be deaths like ours.

Don´t accept any hidden information, accept only openess.

War of any kind is not much better, and there are also many unanswered questions.

You live on one planet, one remarkable and beautiful planet, that could be a peaceful place to live on. 

So we say don´t stop asking questions, because there are no wrong questions!

It is when you are being more and more quiet, and not asking questions any more that we feel that we have to share this with you, as we have a conference tonight.

Demand openess, and transparancy in all of the answers to your questions and make sure those in power answer you.

And yes we miss you just as much, and yes we light candles and say prayers, for all those that we love and miss on earth, just know in your heart that we are fine, and we are living in a place of peace and we wish that for you too.

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