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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Chronos; A new time!

I am Chronos and I define time.

Some would say I am the boss over time.

But it is not entirely true.

I am a guardian of time, all encompassing.

I have help. We are many that guard time, the times.

Right now you might feel this;

you might feel as if time stands still?


you might feel "up-side-down"?

There are reasons for this!

You are now connected into a new timeline and the beginning is bumpy.

Humanity have made its choise and therefore there is a new timeline created.

And this timeline is very positive. And the keyword for this new time is; you have to choose carefully what you desire, for this will happen. 

Focus only on your positive feelings, thoughts, wishes, actions.

Become aware of your innermost thoughts and ask yourself if they are positive or negative.

Know in your precious heart that you are your own creator. 

Whatever you think of, becomes an energy, so it is very good for you to acknowledge, if the glass of water is; half-empty, or half-full.

Love is forever, love conquers all.

Love have no timeline, because it is round.

Now it is in your own hands, to make your own timeline round and filled with love, your heart´s love, and you will create a forever energy, so important.

I love you,


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