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Friday, 6 December 2019

Archangel Michael; Moment of truth!

I am archangel Michael and I will speak tonight about essential things,
that are interesting, to those of you that are lightworkers.
First of all I must say, I love you and I know what you do!
I know of every little step you take and have taken, since you where born.
Sometimes you don´t think you take any steps, you think you stand still, and that is also a way of learning and expanding your knowledge.

As you come to the insight that you are a lightworker you also realize that, you must alter your perspective. Those that you first where looking up to, those that you where used to admire, they are still okay to you, but now with your expanded knowledge of what a true lightworker really do, you now have a new way of looking upon things.

The true lightworker works where it is very dark, and works where you can not see any light or any joy. For example; a true lightworker can be a beggar that sits in the corner of the sidewalk of the street. A true lightworker can be a cashier in a drugstore. A true lightworker can be a person that works voluntary with social matters in a community.  A true lightworker can be the person that smiles at you in the street. A true lightworker can work anywhere, you will notice who it is through your heart! Can you feel the compassion, the love, can you feel the faith and the hope that this person spreads then you know that it is a true lightworker.

And what is light? Light is many things, but most important is eternal knowledge of love.

But what I really try to say is, how do you think a true lightworker works? Please ask yourself this question! Still many of you dear beloved friends and lightworkers, see yourselves as viewers and not as participants. Many of you still think "what can I do? Does my knowledge really matter, can I make a difference?"

You must ask yourself, what matters to yourself, what warms your own heart?

We, the Archangels are always ready to bestow you all that you might need, you just need to make a mark that you are ready to make a move. As you withhold yourself of your true right as a lightworker, your work is being put on hold.

And you might think it has to do with your own incompetence and disability? But it is actually so that your doubts, put yourself on hold.

We wait for you to make a move, towards what you are actually specialized in. You have your own speciality. You are meant to do your own thing. You all have your own thing, your own speciality to be a guide, a team mate, to teach, to show, to create, and much more, but you have stumbled upon your own doubts.

You have thought that you as a lightworker is put up on the shelf? Because you have thought you have not the right kind of skills, and knowledge? So you have interpreted the signs, from your angels that you are out of work?

But it is your own point of view! And then you have put 2 and 2 together, thinking your angel or your guide does not give you any signs as you are used to, so then it really must mean that "I know that I am no good in this lightworker job". You think the angels have cancelled you from your work as a lightworker. But it is your own negativity, that are running over you. It is your own ego, that is making you stumble and fall in this matter. BECAUSE you really MATTER a LOT!

We the archangels have felt this in many of you dear lightworkers. We wait for your move, we wait for you to make a request to whatever you need to start your lightworker job as you are meant to do.

I must also say you have done the lightworker job many times before. You are not new to this, not at all! You, the lightworkers, are old souls, and you are not here by chance. It is a very well planned situation.

You must also know that we the archangels work for love, and God, the encompassing goodness.

There are still forces that work for the opposite agenda. And they make new attempts to help your egos to grow, so you will be afraid, and doubt yourselves and your own lightworker abilities.

Just know in your hearts, that we await you! Whenever you feel you are ready to begin to work fully as a lightworker we are ready to assist you! Of course we know that you have to work yourself through all your doubts, piece by piece, and we still wait for you, we never leave your side! We want to hold your hand, and aid you, just call on us, and you will feel us, in your heart!

I love you

(This is channeling; Archangel Michael "Moment of truth" is made by Kerstin Eriksson on, and you are also welcome to visit

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