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My name is Kerstin Eriksson, I am a clairvoyant medium, a channeler of God, angels, Mother Earth and more.

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God = LOVE, and the energy of Gods omnipresent love goes far beyond any religion. The most important?! Peace and love and respect on Mother Earth and in every living beings heart, mind and in every action is when we live in the Golden Age, soon to come!

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Saturday, 16 March 2019

Do you need...?

How are you doing?
Do you need Metatron Healing?

This lovely Archangel let me know not for the first time but for the third time that I now can offer whoever needs it: Metatron Healing!

Just let me know! It is distance healing!! (Mostly)!

Do you need a psychic reading?

Just let me know!

Love and light
Kerstin Eriksson

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Archangel Michael; Algorithm for love!

Hello dear beautiful friend, I love you!
I am archangel Michael and I serve you!
My work is partly about opening your eyes and hearts, and today I would like to talk about
the algorithm for love!
I have talked about if before, many times, and I will not stop until you understand fully,
how important this is!
Love is the only energy that lasts forever!
So when you invest in love, it is a very good deal for you!
All other roads are longer, the represent other qualities, some may be pretty nice,
but they will not last, for so very long.
Has anyone told you that walking on the path of love, is an easy walk?
Because it is not!
You will have many obstacles, bumps in your road.
And why is this?
The love energy is the strongest energy in the universe, and yet it moves slowly,
and you have to be patient, very patient, with your footsteps.
Each and every one of your footsteps, are truly precious.
Do you know why Jesus used to wash the feet of his disciples?
Think for a while!
Was it just only because their feet were dirty?
No not only because of that!
It was clearly about something much bigger!
By taking good and loving care about his best friends feet,
he showed them, love!
And by showing them that he himself was not any better, than them,
or he could have had someone else do the washing.
No he wanted and needed to be close to every step of their way, at all times,
he wanted to show them there are no separation.
Love is all there is, and it lasts forever!
So by planting these seeds, that lasts forever,
they have now grown for a long time, and are big beautiful trees, with very old souls.
And they still remember, him, his hands on their feet!
They can still remember the love that is forever!
And most important they can feel his love right now!
So it is time for you to awaken to love, the slow true love,
and choose whos feet you yourself are going to wash, it is your time now!
I love you
Archangel Michael

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Nostradamus; thought for tonight!

Save the floor that you stand on!
Save and cherish the land on whitch
you live and walk on!
Kiss the ground!
Stay together, you who believe in
peace on this planet!
Great scheme are in motion, to start new war.
The floor needs to be strong now, make it even more stabil, as much as you can!
Make sure your pillars that hold up your floor is solid, check them closely!
I don´t want to scare you, but this is the reality!
Just know in your heart that this is the last big wave, from the old, that is moving now.
When this big wave is over, it will be peace, because there will be no more hard winds
to stir up the great waters.
To arrange a great drama is something many
makes money out of,
it is part of the old, the new is already
knocking on the door.
And the door is actually already open,
even if most can´t see it!
When you have checked your floor and kissed the ground you walk on and made sure all children are safe, then you can safely sit down in a circle of love with your friends of peace,
and hold hands and sing songs of freedom!
Peace and love comes from just this,
participating in matters of peace and love...!
I love you,

Friday, 1 February 2019

Lady Venus; Second coming!

I am Lady Venus,
I am a Mother of Earth,
and I love you dearly!
Shame on you, dear, did you think for one second that I didn´t care about you?
I am with you for every heartbeat, and for every breath that you take!
So what I am really doing right now?
I am here to talk to you about an important thing!
Many write about this now and many have written about it for centuries.
And yet we are here now!
The time has arrived when things are shifting, to the better!
I have talked about this on several occasions and now I will,
emphasise, that there is nothing to be scared about.
Everything evolves, every living being in this universe moves
upwards in their lifespiral. This movement is something that happens to all, on your planet!
The more you let go of old fears, the easier it will be to follow the movement, in your spiral!
Just be, and love yourself, and know that love is the only true energy and it will heal everything!
The love energy is eternal, just as your soul, and I will just have to say that some of you are very afraid of these new energies, and that hinders you.
Every tree, every flower, every little insect, every dog and cat and every little cloud, all is going through this evolving process, you are not alone!
The clouds does not worry! The cats already know! The dogs play and have a good time anyway! And what about the second coming?
Love is the motor!
Love makes you move in your spiral!
Fear stops you from moving in your spiral.
Do you have faith?
What do you believe in?
When you take the leap of Faith
and truly trust Love, then you are moving upwards perfectly!
The second coming is about awakening to the inner Christ!
Jesus lands within, in every heart that loves Jesus!
Love will make it possible, the only energy that is eternal!
So there a two important things that are entwined, first it is your own process as a lightworker, and your development into growing within your own lightspiral, and the second thing is when you come to a certain point in your personal ascension, you will discover that Jesus are waiting for you and welcoming you! The Christ consciousness that is what is happening!
Faith is an universal energy, just as hope and love.
These energies comes from the source of love in a universe far from your own universe.
Faith was kidnapped for many years and now Faith is free!
So do not worry, be happy, and lay your troubles on me and your universal guides that loves you, and enjoy your spiritual journey and development.
Love is the ticket, as well as faith, hope and joy,
and if you are extra interested in your development,
just say a prayer and I will assist you if you have any questions!
I love you

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

The Pleaidian Council of Nine: Dear Evolving Lightworker!

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Dear Evolving Lightworker, channelled through Kerstin Eriksson 22/1 2019

"We are very blessed to be in touch with the ground crew tonight and we would like to say we love you! So, our dear friends, there are much to to be said and we would like to start by talking about the new ground energies that some of you are tapping in to!

It is all about spiritual awakening and how you might interpret the progress that you are making! Right now you might feel that you have reached a point of stillness? And that it feels like some sort of a void?

Please let me talk about Faith, that is one of the most important energies in this Universe and how Faith has to do with your path right now!

Many of you dear Lightworkers envision your path as a walk up a stair! You have to change your perspective on this! There are no stair! Do you know what there really are? There is a sphere, a round orb, that contains all of your so far gained knowledge as a Lightworker, and up til some weeks ago you where attached to its inner side. And what has happened since then?

You are still inside your light orb, as you always have been, but the difference is that you have now let go of the side! And what does this mean!? It means that you feel a void and maybe you even feel abandoned as well! The thing is that you have evolved! But it might not feel as that! Now you will grow even more! Now it is time for you to mature as a Lightworker and what is really going on is that you have evolved and you have let go of the old! You have been attached to the inner side of your holy orb of Light and now you are flowing free within it and this might make you feel lost instead. It will take some time to adjust to the new energy because you have to find new ways to deal with your path and the free flowing!

And now we will continue to talk about how you can feel that this new energy is your friend! It is a matter of having Faith as well as Hope and Love, the holy trinity, safely anchored in your heart and why is that important? Well, it is easy really easy! You have to remember who you are and that you are made of Faith Hope and Love and that your precious knowledge is Light! You might not feel your side of your Light orb and it gives you the same feeling as if no one is holding your hand any more! You might feel as there are no time and that things have stopped?!

Now I really need you to envision that you are glowing in the most beautiful colours and that you are floating freely in your Light orb! The orb is actually made of Love and the sides are covered with the hands of all the angels and loving guides that are always with you! So you are perfectly safe and you are always in connection with all of your angels and guides! So, it is of great importance to us, to know that you are comfortable in your Light orb and that you understand that it is your normal process as a soul on a mission on Earth and that you aspire to evolve and also expanding your consciousness!

It will take some time to adjust to this new way of being and it is very important for you to know how deeply loved you are and we want you to know that we are closer than ever to you!

For now, the Council of Nine from the Pleiades says over and out and we will soon be back with new messages, just remember,
we love you!

Friday, 18 January 2019

Archangel Faith; Words of Wisdom

Archangel Faith Channeling through Kerstin Eriksson 2019-01-19, also on

I am Archangel Faith, and I love you! In times of trouble I am there with you even more! Yes of course you think, that would be just natural, because that is what Faith do!? And yet I am not quite sure you understand me completely! The thing is that I breathe with you! I feel when you are sad, or worried. I never leave your side! I am very close to you at all times! And if you let me I will be the healing balm on your wounds, like healing nectar for your soul! I am a Mother! You can always rely on me! I embrace all of Earth and every living being! And when times come to you with worries or fear, you might feel that you don´t have any connection to me, and all you have to do then is to call on me! It is actually up to your free will! Just think of me, and I will embrace you, for I love you and I want you to feel me completely!

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Archangel Faith; Become what you are!

I embrace you and I love you,
I am archangel Faith!
Mirrors will not tell you who you are!
Not even other people, you meet!
Even if you have good friends
it is not always so that they can
give you the knowledge to who you truly are!
Everyone of you, each and every one of you
that inhabit Earth, are miracles!
And there are things about yourselves that you are about to learn!
There is a whole new side to you, that is awakening for every heartbeat
that your heart is making!
How does this really work? And why?
There is a natural rhythm, like a big clock, and the time is here now!
It is the real time to awaken to you new true you!
Your DNA is awakening, and giving you more knowledge about yourself,
for each sunrise!
Embrace every new day!
The beautiful daylight is making a phone call to your DNA!
Every day is newborn, and is giving you new highlights that is vital to your new you!
Like me, like you, we do this together, you are never alone!
If you have any questions ask me anytime!
I love you