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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Lord Buddha; 2018 a year of expansion!

Dear beautiful friends
I am Lord Buddha!
You are all very dear to me.
I love you.
When I look at Earth
I see so many beautiful and special flowers.
I see a botanical garden where all the flowers are important,
where miracles can happen, whenever there is faith.
Each and everyone of you are a lovely flower that is also very exotic.
You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
You have your special colors, patterns, rhythms
and you are unique.
This year of 2018 is a year where you grow.
You ARE already YOU, and you are
much awaited as YOU ARE dear!
Please feel your uniqueness and I would like you to take yourself seriously
and also embrace the fact how special you are.
You and your special abilities, are much awaited.
You all have different skills, and you complement each other.
Cooperation and coherence are two very important tools in this new year of 2018.
You need each other and you make each other complete.
And at the same time this year is about just being yourself, and letting yourself grow.
You have worked for eternities, in life after life, to achieve this level as a ray of the sun.
I Lord Buddha, have followed you in your work, to fill the earth with light.
Each ray of the sun have special qualities and are unique, and you hold that light,
every one of you dear beloved lightworkers.
Sometimes I feel your hesitation and you might be thinking something like;
"Do I really have anything to offer other people, animals or earth?!"
Dear friends, many of you have walked in narrow roads and encountered hard resistance, and some of you need to find your faith once again.
YOU are YOU and you have your special mission as a lightworker and loveworker.
No matter who you have met, or in what kind of situations you have been in,
NO ONE can take away the important fact that YOU are YOU!
When I look upon Earth I see you all, and you are so very beautiful and you make her shine in
a wonderful light.
I just want you to have full faith in yourself, so your light will shine even more!
I am always by your side, just call on me and I will assist you!
I am Buddha
I feel your love
and I see your light
I am

Monday, 8 January 2018

Zeus; I love you!

8 January 2018, Channeling with Zeus through Kerstin Eriksson, Zeus; I love you!

The terrain changes as you walk through different landscapes!
You walk on narrow roads and also into deep walleys and up to high mountains.
And sometimes it rains and you can't get any glimts of the clear blue skye.
And other times there are so much sunlight that you find yourself to be very thirsty.

This is a part of your life, your path, that you walk, where the scenery changes constantly.
Sometimes you carry burdens, of different feelings, and now I say, take it easy, sit down for a while. See your path as a beautiful road, and you have 2 sides to your road. Sit down in the green grass beside your path, and take your time, to smell the flowers that grow there. You have planted them there yourself but you have forgotten about them! Now you put your bagage down, you don’t have to carry all those bags of worries, guilt and more, just for now, take your time to smell the loveliest of flowers for a while.

Give yourself time, to feel joy, to enjoy your own path! Along the way you have planted so many beautiful seeds and they are in full bloom right now. They have the loveliest scent of divine radiance. And they await your presence and your joy.

When you meditate you can always sit in your beautiful garden just by the side of your path, life path, it is there, it is your private paradise. You have it in your heart and it is a living place, you visit it in your dreams!

I am Zeus and I love you dearly
I hold you to my heart always!


Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Sananda; Hold your light high, and your love higher!

Dear beloved friends
I Love You!
I walk with you always.
I walk side by side with you
and I feel you always.
When you walk through a blizzard in your life
I am there even more
even if you doubt it.
In fact, no matter what creates your blizzard,
your personal turmoil, you can be sure
of one thing, I am there with you.
I am always reaching out for you, and
if you want to I will hold your hand!
Your work is so precious, every little thing you do
is something me and my team takes notice of.
Feel our gratitude, in your heart!
You are lightworkers, and you are also, at the same time,
angels walking on Earth.
Sometimes you forget, that me and my team is ALWAYS by your side.
The light is old wisdom, that comes from the very source of love and
is something your DNA is awakening to, as I speak.
The LIGHT, the eternal knowledge, the knowing of Faith, Hope and Love,
is the basic knowledge, about LIFE.
Life itself is created with these essenses and more.
You shine your light wherever you go, you don´t even need to speak!
Your heart and your love therein, is the most important energy of all.
Pleace listen to your hearts voice, what your heart is telling you.
Learn to follow your heart, have faith in your heart.
Your heart has an intelligence of its own!
I am Sananda
and I love you!

Friday, 15 December 2017

Ashtar; Landmarks ahead!

Ashtar; Landmarks ahead, a channeling through Kerstin Eriksson, 15 December 2017.

Greetings to you, I am Ashtar!
You are very dear to me, to us!
We are a confederacy of star allies.
We have been watching you for a very long time.
We are closer than you can ever imagine.
In fact we are already among you, of course.
Some of you have seen us
walking in the streets beside you.
You can meet us everywhere,
where you the least expect us to be.
We are only notable to those that are openminded.
Yet we are very much around.
You can see us in full third dimension, o yes!
Only those that can see into the fifth and higher dimension
can tell the difference, who is who!
We come in peace, we are concerned about
your planet.
She is extremely important to us.
All children are very important to us.
We only seek total peace and love.
And all the solutions to your poisonous waste.
All your issues with energy, will we solve of course.
Just have faith in us!
We have the solutions to FREE ENERGY
that does not hurt your planet in any way.
Your planet is a very important link, and
all planets are linked together,
so no planet is uninteresting.
We work on more planets than yours.
We want the whole link to be healthy.
Se the link as a collar of pearls.
Your planet is a very important pearl
and she is also very beautiful and unique.
Yet she needs help, and you know it.
All the pearls in the collar, needs to be attended
and treated with great care and love.
So now we can talk about landmarks!
Because the time is here!
The reality shifts, into the love vibration and
soon all of you will find there is no other way to walk.
So I say for tonight,
I love you,
we love you
we are your family from the universe,
and we know everyone of you,
just you wait and see,

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sananda; You hold the light!

Sunday 10 December 2017, channeling with Sananda;
You hold the light, through Kerstin Eriksson.

I am Sananda
and I love you.
I know of your paths, I know of every little step you take.
And I also know of every time you don’t think you move at all.
There are times, when you think you stand still, and you think you don’t develop.
You develop, when you stand still.
Sometimes you need to be still, very still in your life.
That is when you have the chance to go within of yourself.
That moment of stillness gives you the possibility to work with your inner room.
Sometimes you need quietness, stillness, you need to be in a place,
where you are alone, and no one will knock on your door.
Sometimes you are in a hurry, that is okay, of course, and with that movement you think
you develop, and it is actually the opposite.
When you listen, carefully, to your inner room,
the more you will notice how you follow
the planets ascension,
and the more you will be upgraded in your DNA.
And the more you listen to and take your time to really feel,
your inner room, it will give you positive effects from the fifth dimension and higher.
Your inner process is essential,
it is like a beautiful path, through different landscapes.
You have to trust, you have to have faith, to start walking on that personal path of yours.
This path is in your inner room, and you also need to embrace and love your body,
it is very important.
Breathe the breath of love, breath in love, breath out love.
Love your breath, each breath, it is the lovebreath that makes you complete, whole.
Your guardian angel, breathes with you.
Yes this is the spirit that makes you whole!
God will be guiding you, as well as I will!
The more you love your breathing the more we see the light!
You must be ready to embrace the fact that you hold the light within of you!
The light can only come through the breath of love, when you actually love each breath that you take.
And that you truly love yourself, no matter what you have gone through in your life.
You are very important to us, as you hold the light,
that transforms everything around you into love.
Just know in your heart,
that you hold the light!
Dear friends,
I love you!

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Enok; I AM!

I love you dear friends,
I am Enok,
I am very old,
I am before the creation of Earth.
The very creation of your beloved planet
Earth, Gaia, were a symphony of love.
Many creators gathered, an ensemble of different
rays, and qualities!
The big bang was very essential, to the creation
as well as time itself.
Time, Kronos, is also extremely essential, to all
kinds of love.
Now you live on this magnificent and beautiful planet,
and time, Kronos, is working with you and all that is on
There are different times, Earth consists of many delicate
rythms, and timetables.
There is a special rhythm in each seed, in the soil, and there
is a totally different rhythm in for example the poles when they shift.
Where there is a beach now, with delicate sand, there once was
a mountain as high as Mount Everest, and in many millions of years
to come it will shift once again, everything changes, moves, in different
The continents move slowly, you think?
No not so very slow..!
There are even slower movements, and
there are very fast movements as well.
Now I would like to talk about a pace, a rhythm that is highly important!
And that is; your heartbeat!
You have a heart, as well as I have!
That is exactly what makes us ONE.
When all humans desire,
peace and love, only,
all hearts will beat as one
and there will be a dear, long much
awaited synchronisity.
You have heard it before of course and yet
it is of great importance.
Every day, ask yourself, what is your hearts ambition.
In the early morning, at sunrise, the new day is born, a new being,
that has never been before, even you are new..!
When we plant the seed of love, in our wishes each day
Kronos works with you in every aspect, just you wait and see!
Dear friends,
I love you,

Sunday, 3 December 2017

3 Dec-17 Sananda; Recalling your joy and Let there be joy!

Channeling with Sananda, Sunday 3 December 2017
Recalling your love. Let there be joy! Channeled through Kerstin Eriksson

Today, I have to say dear beloved friends, I have a great message to you!
Joy is everywhere, and it is yours to embrace fully!
Joy is a living energy!
Joy is alive, and well, and joy is awaiting your call!
Joy is your best friend!
Joy is a free energy, always full with love and hope and faith!

So would you let go of your joy, voluntarily?
Would you let go of your dearest friend?
No of course not!
But what if I say;

you have forgotten about joy, your own joy, that you had as a child.
You have lost a big bit of your joy, and you have searched for your joy for a long time
and you have only found pieces of it.

Now there is new times!
Now you call upon your joy, and you will find it again.
Even though, it has been kidnapped!

The new fifth dimension upgrade makes this possible.
Now the joy is ready to come back to you,
as your own joy has your DNA code.
All of us have!
Your own joy wants to come back to you, and surround you again as it did when you where young!

Those that have stolen others joy, can no longer do it.
But you have to be alert, and awakened, to realize this,
your part in it, is to call your joy back!

It has to do with the abundance of life,
you have to make a choice,
you have to use your free will,
and to embrace this with your heart!

Your hearts light and love are now intoned with
fifth dimension, and can now recall, the joy, that has been lost for very long.

Joy is a loving energy, and belongs to you, as you once created it!
Joy, misses you, to swirl around you, making your day more happy, filled with more faith, hope and love...as the life in 5 dimension is all about!

So, don’t hesitate, dear beloved friends,
say a prayer for recalling your joy,
I love you