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God = LOVE, and the energy of Gods omnipresent love goes far beyond any religion.

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Saturday, 1 December 2018

Your Ajna needs blessed water to be clean!

Have you blessed your third chakra lately?!
Your third eye, your ajna, needs cleaning every day!
It needs water! It needs you to drink water!
But that is not enough! You need to bless the water you drink!
Your ajna is very intelligent and follows the love energy!
When you bless your own drinkingwater,
you turn this water in to your own love energy,
you calibrate it for YOU and your own vibration!
So hold your glass of water and say a prayer to the water,
say you love the water and that you bless the water!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Ashtar Sheran; How about love!?

28 November 2018 a channeling with Ashtar Sheran through channeler Kerstin Eriksson

How about love!?

I love you with all of my heart!
I am cloaking now, next to you!
We are very close to you in this very moment!
You wonder; if you can see us?
Yes you can if you see through your heart!
We move and live in the fifth dimension, where
love is natural! Love is a force, a very important
energy that many of you still are hesitant to.
Love is a conductor, the channel you must use to be able to interact with us!
It is not difficult, you already have it! You just need to have faith!
Faith is always working together with hope and love, in a trinity!
Don´t worry you will get it right! In the meantime we work, on the ground
doing what we are here for! And it is a joy to see you, being where you are!
And what are we doing? We are repairing things. We are giving advice to the already existing
groundcrew. Are we many? Yes we are many that are now walking on earth!
We have a lot of work to do and we have calculated that it will take many years!
So today I wanted to bring up the most important thing and that is our connection and how
vital it is for our work together that the love channel is open,
so dear, how about love?!

Monday, 19 November 2018

Archangel Gabriel All come together!

Archangel Gabriel channeled through Kerstin Eriksson 19 Nov 2018

I am Archangel Gabriel and I love you very much!
I am glad that you find time to listen to me today!
Did you know that we all are one, and that we all come together as one?!
How can this be, you probably think?
Is there a trick of some sort or is it by chance or what do I really mean?
Well it is actually very easy, it is so easy, I am not sure you will believe it!
The air that you breathe, is what makes us one!
The air, the ether is the same in many ways!
The air is my element and the air is what you breathe!
All you need to do is to love your breaths.
Each and everyone of them!
That is when you get in contact with us, we the angels!
Your breathing is holy to us.
And you might also think that the breathing actually is very important to you!
When you love your breath you find a heaven within of you, a sanctuary!
So we all come together, very easily, when you are aware of your breathing
and when you also find that your breathing is your own healing place.
Take some time each day and rejoice with me and all the other angels,
it will give you great healing!
I love you
Archangel Gabriel

Friday, 16 November 2018

16 Nov 2018 Archangel Michael The new era starts within you! Through channeler Kerstin Eriksson.

My name is Michael and I am an Archangel.
I am very old and I don´t look young at all!
I have gray hair and even wrinkles!
Before I became an archangel I was busy being an angel!
And I had to learn very many things!
Then when I realized that I wanted more to learn, more to be specialized in, I got the readiness to be an archangel. It took me a very long time!
So I have walked many steps, and all steps have not been easy for me.
I have stumbled and fallen, and hurt my knees and more.
I was not given everything for free, I had to learn every experience, by doing them.
Yes I could read books, but I got to do everything by hand.
Doing it is learning it, and so it is the same for you!
If I would tell you all secrets of Earth and all secrets for you dear beloved Lightworker
you wouldn´t learn what you desire to learn.
So I guide you instead!
If you ask me!
But you have to walk on your own to feet and I walk beside you if you will!
Then I also protect, that is my main task, and I am the centre of all Guardian Angels.
You all have a guardian angel and I know all of you!
So the new era starts within of you!
And how is that even possible you might ask!
Well you are the natural choice!
When you realize this, it will be easy!
No matter if there would be thousands of ships landing as many of you want to see
it is still within of you, yourself, where the new era starts.
In other words you have to be ready!
And how can you be ready?
Well in many ways you are already ready!
But you seem to be waiting for a sign without of you!
For example from the sky!
You are actually a multitasked being, from the sky already!
You dear Lightworker, have many realms that you could call your home.
It is time to fully realize this!
Wake up, it is time to really wake up!
It is what YOU DO with YOUR HANDS that matters, what you create!
Do not be afraid!
You are already very close, you are actually waiting for your own calling from your own heart!
It is okay, YOU ARE OKAY! Everyone is waiting for you!
You have a special essence, that no one else have. And you should trust and have full faith in your own hearts love.
Together your essences are building a very special energy that the planet are waiting for!
You are already there, just listen to your heart!
I love you

16 Nov 2018 Archangel Faith Photons are YOU! Through Kerstin Eriksson.

16 November 2018, channeling with Archangel Faith, through Kerstin Eriksson,

I am Archangel Faith, and I always work in the trinity with hope and love!
I love you and I always have and I always will love you!
Today I am going to talk about your inner light!
Did you know that you have your own personal photons?!
You have your own DNA incoded photons that work only with you!
And they have a special place in your body where they live and have as a
Can you guess where?!
Does the word ajna say anything to you!?
Your ajna is very important in many ways!
It is a communication central, and your soul is its boss!
And how do you keep your ajna clean?
Well, drink clean water if you have the possibility to do that.
AND pray for your water and turn it in to your own 
blessed holy water!
Say you love the water, say you bless the water
say you are grateful for each drop!
Then you can drink the water!
Now it is blessed by you and therefore it is
now vibrating in your own lightforce!
And that means that it is more healthy for you and you dear ajna!
Your ajna is very smart!
When you bless the water, and also dring that water,
your ajna starts to RECALL all necessary information.
If you drink water to clean your ajna without your own blessing, almost nothing happens!
You are an intelligent being, and so is your ajna and also the water, as it has a massconcioness.
When you are being more and more acquainted with blessing your water you will be able to
experience more contact with your personal photons, as they are living entities, and they are your lantern in the dark.
A lightworker needs the inner light, to be able to handle the dark, to be able to walk where there are no light.
So my dear beloved child of Earth,
I love you
and don´t forget to bless the water you drink,
each drop counts!


Monday, 17 September 2018

Hallo! Today I made a little video! I got words from Kybele today!
"I am Kybele, Today I give you the Cup of Love!
You are welcome to listen if you like!
Have a beautiful day,

I am Kybele; Today I give you the Cup of Love!

I am Kybele! Today I give you the Cup of Love!

17 September 2018, A channeling from Kybele through Kerstin Eriksson,

I am Kybele,
I want to make myself clear,
I love you always!
If you have clay, I would teach you to do your own pottery!
I will help you create whatever you need, in the name of love!
And so I give you the cup of love today, that is filled with the eternal wisdom and love essences, that will be your tool from now on and into the future.
And so you will drink out of the cup, and how will you refill it you might think!?
Well there is the secret!
There is a way to fill the cup, any time you need!
This cup can only be filled up through yours hearts love and tender devotion to care and nurture the trees, flowers, bees, and actually all life on Gaia.
Therefore it can never be misused.
So, You now have this cup!
It is a great step for you, as a lightworker, you are in great progress!
Take your time, to get to know the Cup of Love, it will always wait for you!
I am Kybele and
I love you