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Monday, 19 February 2018

Venus; I am Amira and I say You are blessed!

Channeling with Amira from Venus through Kerstin Eriksson blog www.archangelfaith.blogspot.com  a Free teachings blog! 19 February 2018

Hallo dear earthlings, I am Amira
and I am calling you from Venus.
We are in constant contact with you
as always. We are there, more than you ever know.
Venus is the Mother of Earth, and so you are our children!
Everything that you go through we have also experienced.
Though we did it a very long time ago.
As Gaia your Mother, is evolving into more light
you do just the same. The more you evolve the more contact we will have!
We will grow deeper and more loving bonds with many of you.
Many of you are actually already waiting for us!
Some of you will be the new teachers, of the new era.
Our collaboration will be most important and bear many fruits that earth has been waiting for.
These fruits, have the seeds that later will grow, and spread out so all will have access to the new teachings.

The DNA that is now constantly repairing itself and letting the light in, make you feel that this might be interesting. The DNA itself has your own library. You already have the knowledge, that you as a soul was born with. Now it is the time for the knowledge to slowly awaken. So many things will feel familiar to you, and you would like to know more about them. The DNA strand within you is also connected with the DNA strand in your light body. Your light body is your higher self. Your higher self has the ability to go into your dimension and go back to higher dimensions and are constantly flexing in between. So you two are one and the same and yet not entirely.
You make your own decisions always.

This is how it is; to awaken is a job. A constant job, where you seek to develop into higher knowledge, to access your own library. To be able to do this, you need to work with yourself. Yes it is actually a job. A soul job. It is a path of the heart. Why we use this channeler is why she is in constant contact with Faith and her teachings. We choose this channel on Gaia, because her teachings are the ones that we think can aid you. (Wow Amira thank you!)

Everyone and everything will evolve anyway, of course even without the job, and yet it is like being given a rough diamond, and this diamond looks like an ordinary rock, and it has no shimmer in different colors. You are given the diamond, you all are given a diamond,  but it is up to you how much you want it to shimmer. You have to do the job yourself. It is a diamond regardless! The knowledge, the library within you, is a gift to yourself, that you can choose to work with or not.
All knowledge that your soul has is something that you have learned by doing.
You always come to Earth for soul teachings
and your souls source is love.
We will keep in touch with you,
and we love you very much!


Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sananda; Clearing the air!

I am Sananda and I love you!
Today I will talk about a feeling
that sometimes gives you regrets and a feeling of shame?!
No matter how much we all need to be at our best, kind and friendly
we sometimes are compelled to deal with narrow spaces, where we have no
option to move away, or turn the other side to whatever we are meeting.
We just have to face whatever it is, and we might be challenged
right there and then, having to deal with difficult matters without any
I am talking about anger!
It is okey! Of course!
Actually it is essential!
Without anger, what would happen?!
Please listen to your own anger!
What does it say?!
Anger is a marker!
That something within needs a change!
Anger is a force, that can be used to do very good things!
It is a choice, what you make of it!
It is your own choice actually!
When you are afraid to meet your own anger
and you do not listen to what is says, then it will become an obstacle for you.
When you say your daily prayer to God, ask for clearance and acknowledgement of your anger.
Ask God to help you see clearly what it is trying to say to you!
Be friend with you own anger, listen to why this feeling is there in the first place.
There is a reason, always!
Use your anger as a way to make a change in a positive and caring way!
When you feel your anger, feel in your heart that now it is time to be honest and clear and making room for positive and good change!
Sometimes some of you, my dear beloved friends feel guilt, when you are angry, and therefore you never listen to your anger or deal with what really needs a positive change!
See your anger as a positive tool, to make a change for the better, for something good!
If you are afraid of your anger, embarrassed for it, or feel guilt about it, you need to listen
to yourself more.
Listen within, and ask yourself, what is it that you need, and ask yourself what do you love, and what is hindering you, and what positive changes can you do, to make it easier for you to follow your heart?! I Sananda will always help you see more clearly, for I am most eager to aid you, and help you follow your heart and believe in your dreams!
Not seeing into yourself, into your heart, hinders your path, and you might feel you are standing still. It might have to do with anger, that you don´t take seriously.
Love your anger, as it is a part of yourself, listen carefully to what is important to you,
it is time for a good and positive change!
I love you, and I always will,
and I walk beside you
and I will guide you through
whatever you need help with,
please have faith in me and ask me
to hold your hand in mine!
You are here on earth for a
good and loving reason,
as you are made of love
and more positive rays of creation.
Not dealing with your feelings, your anger, creates a blockage. and you stand still.
It is a part of your life, your souls teachings, and by loving yourself and your anger a little bit more will help you, move again, and I am there with you whatever happens,
I love you

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Tomten Samo berättar om sin arbetsgivare!

Jag längtar efter att få berätta för er om mitt liv, vårat liv, oss tomtar!
Vi bor på jorden, alldeles bredvid Er.
Ni ser oss ibland.
Vi rör på oss ganska fort, ni kan då se något som rör sig raskt i ögonvrån.
Vi sköter Moder Jord, den stora tomten, den stora marken och vi städar
läker och helar henne dagligen. Vi älskar henne, vår runda Moder.
För oss finns inga gränser, vi sköter hela henne, Hon är den stora Modern.
Jag heter Samo och jag är en tomte och jag har en familj!
Jag har en fru och tre barn!
Vi bor i ett hus och jag har ett jobb!
Jag älskar min familj, mitt jobb och mitt liv!
Jobbet är mitt liv!
Solen är min arbetsgivare!
Solen ger mig olika mycket jobb!
På sommaren får jag mycket att göra!
På vintern är det betydligt mindre!
Då lagar vi strumpor, vi tillverkar skor, kläder!
På sommaren har vi fullt upp, då solen skapar så mycket liv överallt!
Vi är många tomtar, och vi hälsar alla till Er!
Vi har stor lärdom om livet på jorden, och om hur allt hänger ihop!
Flödet i livet är A och O för oss, och det ger en oändlig glädje!
Nu ska jag laga mina barns skor!
Så jag kanske berättar mer en annan gång!
Hälsningar till Dig,
från skogen där jag Samo bor med min familj!

Sananda; The color of Love!

I am Sananda and I love you!
Some see me as an eagle,
others see me as the wind,
and you can also see me as
anyone you meet in the street!
The etherical element, is as the air
and the wind, the very same that you breathe.
The air surrounds you at all times!
The air is a living element, very living!
The holy spirit, is there for you always.
When you breathe, you MAKE the air holy,
as you are indeed holy!
Know that the air loves you, for every breath that you take!
Every breath you take is very precious, and you are a creator
In the air is also water, the beloved water, is also surrounding you at all times.
It is a very fine mist, invisible to our eyes most of the time.
The water is as the air, an all-surrounding consciousness.
If you can communicate with only one drop of water, you can communicate with all waters!
It is the same with the air, if you really love each breath you take, you will be able to feel love
over all, as you then become omni-present, as I am!
So I say to all my dear friends of Earth, my beloved sisters and brothers I await your
love breaths, and we will connect together as the love family as we are!
It is actually a RE-UNION I am talking about, a great meeting, long awaited
re-bonding meeting, for we are already ONE, in the name of love.
Together we create the color of love, the love air, the air that are you!
Just have faith, in yourself and always love all that is you, and believe in your dreams!
And know that every breath counts, because it is you, dear friend.
Please take your time, dear, you are my family, and I have time,
I already walk beside you always,
as I love you with all of my heart!

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Sananda; Have faith in me!

Dear beloved friends,
I am Sananda and I am forever your guide whenever you like!
You are very dear to me and I always walk beside you!
I am omnipresent and I am as the air that you breathe!
When you love each breath, when you love yourself
you can easier feel my presence!
The natural way of living, the natural power is love!
Everything else is a sort of a detour.
It is a detour you can learn very much from.
Then there is fear. Fear creates blockages. Fear is blocking love.
Love is a ray, a natural force that goes through everything,
except fear, and yet it will come through the deepest fear too.
There are many rays, energies and positive powers, that is constantly
flowing through you, almost like a song!
This love song is best felt and heard when you have FAITH.
Faith is a basic pillar, like the foundation to a house.
The more faith you have, the more you can tap into the love song as it is a constant energy.
Faith as I speak about, is always working together with hope and love.
It is a holy trinity and this energy is an universal force.
Here on this planet that you live on,
Faith is kidnapped, by religions.
The Faith I talk about is always graceful, humble, loving and caring and always peaceful!
So when you embark on the path of belief in the search for the greater mysteries of the universe,
and in the power of love, you need to make sure you have Faith with you, in your heart!
When you build a house, your foundation is a very important matter!
In your search for deeper knowledge, and your ambition to talk directly to God
or to be enlightened has everything to do with FAITH.
Faith is also the key to the door to the house and equally important, as the foundation!
The house is your precious life and you need to take good care of it, always!
Always check on your foundation, your faith, and ask yourself how grounded you are!
Please ask us for help, if you have traumas, blockages, ask God for help, ask me for help, the more you work with your own fears, and whatever is blocking you, the more you will strengthen your Faith. We are always prepared to aid you in all that you need to work with.
Your inner life, your inner garden will no longer be foggy, now it will become clear, bright, and light!
Please, let us show you the way!
We love you!
There is no quick fix or button to press, and `voila`, there is your successful transformation, into higher knowledge and wisdom and so on...!
It is actually an ongoing work...a job...to walk every step in life with Faith, Hope and Love!
And at the same time knowing it is a process, to embrace your deepest fears, and worries,
and this process, this work that I talk about, is a natural way, that God and I can provide for you 24/7 or just as much as you wish!
And I assure you, we never leave your side, we are fully dedicated to serve you always!
So I say once again, we are ready to work, with you, if you want to,
it is up to you it is your free will, it is a universal law!
We never force ourselves on to you!
So we need to say
we love you, more than you can ever imagine!
So please have Faith in me and in the power of love
and I will await your call always
for you are a glorious child of Earth!
I love you,

Monday, 29 January 2018

Sananda; Call on me!

Dear beloved friends of Earth
I love you!
I have something to talk about this night.
Everything that goes around comes around...!?!
It will become clear tonight for there are a lot to say!
You have a hand! And on that hand you have five fingers!
For each finger there are very important things for you to recall and remember!
And first before I start telling you about each finger, I have to say, look closely
on your palm and on your fingers for they have unique patterns that no one else has!
So I begin with your first finger.
The first finger says;  give yourself love each day! This finger is also unique and has
great knowledge about love. It is expecting you to take full charge of your life now and start giving yourself unconditional love each day. And your finger, the first one, will of course help you anyway it can! Because this finger absolutely love you!
Now the second finger; This finger is the creative one! It loves humor and loves to express itself! The second finger says to you, please do this too! Explore your creativity, and ask yourself what makes you happy, and makes you warm with love in your heart. The second finger will most definitely help you, and guide you in your wild fantasies of love and joy.
The third finger is a kind of a huligan. It obeys no rules, it goes in the direction that the heart points. The third finger is always obedient to the free will! You can call the third finger
Wild and Free. And the third finger says to you; You are free in your heart, no matter where you are!
And now the fourth finger, this finger is very romantic and can tell you many romantic stories if you would like. It also carries memories of love from your entire life. This finger tells you that you are good enough and that you can always find love around you because you deserve it.
And now the fifth finger! This finger is the smallest finger and yet here is your strongest finger!
In this little finger lies all your Faith, your trust in life, in yourself, and your courage. The smallest finger says to you to always have faith in yourself and that you have an important mission to work with. Each and everyone of you on earth are unique, and have a special place to be, and a special mission to work with. The little finger, says to you that the smallest thing, matter, can be very important, more than you can ever believe..!
So I just need to say; Please call on me!
You can put your dear hands together!
If you like you can say a prayer! All of your fingers make contact!
Your unique fingerprints are light, little light points, that work together.
All your dear fingers become your best friends!
They love you and so do I!
Please call on me from wherever you are,
I feel your prayer,
I feel your heart always.
And just remember your friends, your fingers, that have many special abilities...!


Monday, 22 January 2018

Archangel Gabriel; All is one!

A baby is born, a delightful baby!
A merrier time is coming,
a new season, a spring, in all hearts, a warm beautiful season!
And where is this baby born?!
Where do you think?!
In Africa, or in Australia, or on Iceland
or wherever you might think.
Well the answer my friend is
that the baby is born, within all our hearts!
This infant is like a rose, and all of a sudden
it has started to bloom!
We, the Archangels have been aware of the
rose, and it has been a flower bud for eternities.
It is now we can begin to see its color,
and it is now that we can feel the scent.
We are very happy, and we sing joyful hymns
to celebrate this great miracle.
So my dear child of Earth
please feel the rose in your heart
it is blooming now and it is a long awaited miracle.
Before the Big Bang the seed to the Rose was planted
and now we can´t stop dance and sing
for we have waited a long time.
We can see all your beautiful Roses
in fact your planet looks now like
a rose garden and it feels so good
to all our senses.
Please dear children of Earth
embrace your beauty,
feel your blooming rose within your heart
as you All is One Great Rose Garden.
Yours forever
Archangel Gabriel!