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God = LOVE, and the energy of Gods omnipresent love goes far beyond any religion. The most important?! Peace and love and respect on Mother Earth and in every living beings heart, mind and in every action is when we live in the Golden Age, soon to come!

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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Oglala whispering in the air..!

Many days and many nights have gone by
and the land have called out for an answer.
The Creator have spoken and wings have spread out
for protection for every drop of water, in every little stream
to the greatest rivers and lakes.
Every seed are important, not one single is overlooked.
The earth is trembling in expectation of something that belongs to the new dawn,
with the rising sun.
All tribes come together now, there are really just one.
A what tribe is that?
The Mother Earth Tribe!
We have one planet, one Earth!
The free waters feel no boundaries as well as the free air.
The Tribe of the Great Mother will feel that the mutual heartbeat
beats as ONE FREE heart.
The land is awakening and the answer is YES
she needs you and she loves you forever
and she wants you to be free in your heart and mind
and join the Mother Tribe and be one with your sisters and brothers
as you are all equally loved!
There is no time to loose, she is weakening and slowly dying while her children fight and think some others are more important than the rest.
To be well again she need all of her children to work together as one!
Only those that care about Mother can truly live on Earth and understand her.
The only language needed is the language of the heart, there is no more time for separation.
Mother needs all of her children, lost children that was stolen away from her.
The love is still there, the joy is still there, the joy was stolen but it is still there.
You will find it, when you ask for it!
Need to be balance now, through rain and sunshine and the new dawn is really here now, very soon.
The wind is now a wind that holds caring protecting wings for all that loves Mother and for you who hold out your hand for your sister and brother of the Tribe of Mother Earth.