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My name is Kerstin Eriksson, I am a clairvoyant medium, a channeler of God, angels, Mother Earth and more. I hold the pen! And now 3 books are almost ready! Soon they will be available here for you to read, as a free pdf.

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God = LOVE, and the energy of Gods omnipresent love goes far beyond any religion.

Peace and love and respect on Mother Earth and in every living beings heart, mind and in every action is when we live in the Golden Age, soon to come!


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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Dear Mother!

Moder                       Swedish
Maman                     French
Mother                      English
Muter                       Yiddish
Madre                      Spanish
Ma                           Hindi
Mytyr                      Old Greek
Patrino                     Esperanto
Nênê                         Albanian
Mai, mataji               Punjabi
Ahm                         Arabic
Mama                       Ryska
Ewe, Haakui              Maori
Tina                         Samoan
Mama, Mzazi            Swahili
Anne, Ana, Valide      Turkish
Me                            Vietnamese
Ama                         Aborigin