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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

White Eagle The Magical gathering will lift you up on your feet!

Early in the morning
the mist is dancing over the fields, 
and the sun is rising slowly, 
and yet the secrets of the night
still is breathing over the landscape.
Eyes are being opened, more and more
as the sun is shining with warmth, 
and the light is making everything that you see becoming more clear.
Soon, the shadows, are just a memory, that belonged to the
heartbeats in the dark, 
something necessary and much of a puzzle.
It is easier to see when the light has come in, as it is meant to do.
No one can stop the light from coming in. 
All the shadows must choose now, for the wind has changed. 
The seeds have been waiting for a long time, a very long time.
And you can be sure that they have been waiting for a good reason. 
All this time in the dark, have made them so strong, 
they have learned everything there is to learn.
And they are not afraid of anything. 
They know, that this time was coming, 
when the light was to return, 
after eons of times in the dark. 
They just didn´t know exactly when, but they have sensed it, for a long time. 
The seeds are extremely competent, in their own unique fields of expertise.
So the mist that dances, is a sight you have been waiting for, 
as it is the wake up call, that the time has finally come. 
All that need settling will be settled. 
It is time for the true voices to be heard. 
The bow has finally found the right arrow. 
This arrow does not kill, 
this arrow brings truth and the end to ignorance. 
This arrow brings joy and will mark out for you that your family loves you and needs you! 
You have this voice, 
and you await the voices of your ancestors that is also here, 
waiting proud, 
with eyes open, 
waiting for you, 
and your seed, 
as every breath makes you grow.
So be proud, of you, and your voice, and your seed is much awaited and loved,
and the magical gathering, will lift you up on your feet, 
as you have not yet walked before
only crawled.