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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Jesus Christ Sananda; Astrological signs expands in to soul signs!

You are familiar with your zodiac sign!
you know what I mean!

And now we take this one step further!

The signs you have here on Earth
are very important!

I talk of a complement!


It involves both what you have already, in the
astrological signs! And yet something
will be added,
your origin
your soul sign!

It is like finding missing peaces
of yourself!

You are a part of the universe!
You have ancestry in the universe!
You have family, roots in the universe!
You are YOU
there is no

This is a RE-union

Does this sound ”to big” to take in?
Well, you ARE BIG
a great being!

Everyone ARE!

Let me explain!

When you where born as a soul. Some created you! In the moment of great love!
You where born as flame at first. All souls are flames at first, for millions of years!
And there is also a twin. All souls that are born into flame, are always two. So two flames are always born, at exactly the same moment! Not copies! No! On the opposite! Yin and Yang! Counter parts! But you are immediately separated, in your birth moment! And you don’t see your other half for millions and millions of years!

And you are not meant to! You have a life as a soul and you develop through very long time! Time is LOVE! As you mature, you grow as a soul, you awaken more and more, to that something is missing from you! That is when you begin to seek for you other half! That is energy of life! This part of your souls search is a very natural moment, creating energy swirls! You seek for the complementary YOU! The other side of you! So you can be complete! This search is universal! It is LOVE!

And your ancestry? Several creators, CREATED you! These creators, are cheer energy of Love, Hope, Faith, Grace, Harmony, Music, Joy,  and more!
This is the end of chapter one, I will return and tell more, I love you!
/Jesus Christ Sananda