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God = LOVE, and the energy of Gods omnipresent love goes far beyond any religion.

Peace and love and respect on Mother Earth and in every living beings heart, mind and in every action is when we live in the Golden Age, soon to come!


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Friday, 10 August 2018

Archangel Michael; See you see me!

I am Michael, I am an archangel, and I am very close to you!
The most important thing for you to know is that I love you!
The second most important thing for you to hold close to your heart,
is that I protect you!
If I showed you my army of lovers and protectors you would go crazy
because you wouldn’t believe that we are so many!
And still, I am where you are!
I know of every step that you take, always!
I even know of every breath that you make, always!
So what am I trying to explain?
And what do you believe in?
Do you sense me?
Do you see me?
Do you even believe in me?
Well, it does not really matter to me, because I am where you are anyway!
But, it does make a very big change, if you truly believe in me and my beloved
legion of holy protectors of Goodness and true Light!
And what will the difference unfold?
It will all become clear to you!
True Light makes everything clear to you!
Your inner vision will find new air to breathe!
Colors will appear that you have never seen before
and they are the lost colors of the True Light!
They are visible when you believe in me!
You all have them! Within!
They are a gift given to you a very long time ago!
But to be able to really see them, it is necessary for you
to have FAITH, in me
and that will make all the difference for you!
I love you

Saturday, 14 July 2018

Sananda; Your precious feet, your new Chakra!

The songs of wisdom sings a new song now!
I am Sananda, and I am very old!
There is a big piece of the puzzle that are now revealing itself for you!
Like a missing link, maybe quite easy to understand, and yet very easily overlooked.
Well a long time ago, my beloved used to wash my feet, and she even kissed my feet sometimes.
And she is a lady of Earth, my lady in red.
She knew, the importance of the feet.
Well the feet have a chakra that is extremely important to you,
if you search for completion as a being of Earth.
In a way you probably already knew this.
But what I don’t think you know is that, the rest of the chakras have to interact with the foot chakra so that they can work well, get you in contact with other realms and more.
Your precious feet are waiting for you to make first contact!
Many of you don’t realise how important your feet actually are!
It is the missing link, and now it is time to awaken to this reality!
They carry you, they want to give you more contact with your beloved Earth, your Mother!
Listen to me and I will guide you!
I love you,

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Yellow Feather Embracing You

Once I was a leader.
I believe in peace!
The land was with no borders.
The hearts were willing to embrace
the consept of charing.
Mutual understanding was the path to make living side by side possible.
We are all the children of the great Mother and when we know that in our hearts there will be many good paths opening up.
Do not forget about the good that is within of you, and has always been there.
Turn to the goodness within your heart and ask it to step forth.
It will show you the way, to true peace within you as well as outside of you!
Your true strength come not from muscles it come from your heart.
Now the time has come for you to find that you actually have wings and can fly with
the great Eagle.
The key to feeling your wings is through
 your heart!
Come fly with me now over peaceful land and I will help and guide you!
Yellow Feather

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Enlil; Second wind!

I am Enlil, I am very old and the most important thing,
is not me, it is you!
The older I get, the more I can see how important it is for you
to understand how it all works!
You are a great part of the Universe, even if you don’t see it, now.
Everyone of you that live on Terra have connections out in space as you say sometimes.
And yet space are a place where your ancestors live.
All of you have different relatives ”out there” and they are connected with you!
They know very much about you and they are thrilled to get to know you more!
And the surprise that is just around the corner is all about the second wind!
If you have felt a certain loss of energy lately it will very soon turn to your favour!
All of your efforts will give you a positive result, finally!
Sometimes you have almost lost faith in what you do,
because nothing seemed to make a difference.
And now it is coming to you, the second wind will get you to where you are supposed to be!
Everything you have done matters a lot, not one single thing is a waste of your time, ever!
Let go of your fears, the more you will feel the second wind in full action!
I love you,

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Dear Mother!

Moder                       Swedish
Maman                     French
Mother                      English
Muter                       Yiddish
Madre                      Spanish
Ma                           Hindi
Mytyr                      Old Greek
Patrino                     Esperanto
Nênê                         Albanian
Mai, mataji               Punjabi
Ahm                         Arabic
Mama                       Ryska
Ewe, Haakui              Maori
Tina                         Samoan
Mama, Mzazi            Swahili
Anne, Ana, Valide      Turkish
Me                            Vietnamese
Ama                         Aborigin

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Oglala whispering in the air..!

Many days and many nights have gone by
and the land have called out for an answer.
The Creator have spoken and wings have spread out
for protection for every drop of water, in every little stream
to the greatest rivers and lakes.
Every seed are important, not one single is overlooked.
The earth is trembling in expectation of something that belongs to the new dawn,
with the rising sun.
All tribes come together now, there are really just one.
A what tribe is that?
The Mother Earth Tribe!
We have one planet, one Earth!
The free waters feel no boundaries as well as the free air.
The Tribe of the Great Mother will feel that the mutual heartbeat
beats as ONE FREE heart.
The land is awakening and the answer is YES
she needs you and she loves you forever
and she wants you to be free in your heart and mind
and join the Mother Tribe and be one with your sisters and brothers
as you are all equally loved!
There is no time to loose, she is weakening and slowly dying while her children fight and think some others are more important than the rest.
To be well again she need all of her children to work together as one!
Only those that care about Mother can truly live on Earth and understand her.
The only language needed is the language of the heart, there is no more time for separation.
Mother needs all of her children, lost children that was stolen away from her.
The love is still there, the joy is still there, the joy was stolen but it is still there.
You will find it, when you ask for it!
Need to be balance now, through rain and sunshine and the new dawn is really here now, very soon.
The wind is now a wind that holds caring protecting wings for all that loves Mother and for you who hold out your hand for your sister and brother of the Tribe of Mother Earth.

Lady Rowena; A new era!

I am Lady Rowena and I am close to you!
Who am I?
I am a servant of Earth and I work for her, your Mother!
I am an Elf and I also work with the Sun and the Moon!

I am not bound to the ground, Earth,  I travel many times
in the Universes, I have a very large range that I work within.

In the morning you roll up your curtain and you see the new day for the first time.

Now I talk about the new Era that is outside your window the next time you look out
side on your surroundings.

New doors have been opened, and fresh new air is spreading all around you.
A feeling of lightness and joy is being more and more apparent each day.
It is all about her, your Mother, she is being healed at this very moment.

Dark forces have tried many times to stop this, but no more.

Now it is a fact! She is lighter now, happier now and she can now
begin to be what she is meant to be, a great Mother that truly loves all of her children.

She has cried many times over the fact that she has not been able to reach you.
She has been there, a long your side all the time, but you have never noticed her.
She loves you dearly, she holds you to her heart always, and now she is beginning to really
reach you.

You will notice her more and more, she loves you and will teach you a lot of necessary things about her! How she really works, for starters! How you can live a full life, in full circle with her, in great joy and love!

Each and everyone of you that are living on her, have different ancestry, both here on earth and out in Universe and she is the connector. She will show you who you are!

She is the forever link, between the worlds, and you go through her in the portals that she has.

You have maybe thought of that you have only found little peaces of you ancestry off this beautiful planet, you probably did not think you even needed Mother Earth in that process?!

You have to be grounded. To get in touch with your etherical connections, in other dimensions, planets and more.

Thor the Archangel and also God of Thunder, is forever working to aid Mother Earth, and now a great collaboration is starting to envelop, involving a book that you can read if you are interested.

Many work together to help Mother Earth to live to the full, as good a possible.

I am Lady Rowena
I love you
and I see you soon!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Archangel Michael; Blessed be!

I am archangel Michael,
and I love you!
I have been around for eons of lifetimes on this planet
and I know something for sure!
We all take steps!
Each day we all take different kinds of steps!
Maybe we walk with our feet but I also think about
all other steps we take.
All of humanity is moving forward!
Sometimes you think, when will all wake up?!
And you think it will take a long time?
Well, maybe it will take a long time according to how you measure time.
But I see, very clearly how you all take the right steps, more and more, each day!
Actually it is all working according to the plan, the very BIG PLAN!
Yes! There is a big plan for you, for the humanity!
And you are moving in the right direction, just as planned.
We are all waiting for humanity to embrace love, the love factor!
We are all waiting for you all, to walk the walk of peace!
Meanwhile, before everyone has awakened, you and we have a lot to do!
And you already are well aware of this of course!
No one sits still just waiting...!
There is a lot of work! And you know that as well!
The most important steps you take, are the ones that you take with love and peace!
The most cherished steps that you take are those that you love to take,
those that you can fully embrace!
Then, you show the way to others, that will understand the meaning of LIFE!
The most important thing is that you find your joy, walk your steps, all your different steps in your life, and that you follow your heart and believe in your dreams!
You are very old, and you have lived here on this planet many times, and in some lives you have been  scared. In some lives that you lived you have met big resistance, and you are afraid that it will happen again in this life!?
By being YOU, and in the knowing that you ARE,  is the most important step of all!
Remain in your beautiful energy!
Hold the light, hold the love!
Be in your own energy field, you don’t really have to do a single thing!
When you feel the sacred energy of love, and in the knowing of being here and now, you
will enter a new dimension, where action is not necessary!
It is optional, yet the most important thing is to hold, the knowing of love and peace within of you!
That is the most important step of all!
You become a beacon of love and peace, without even saying a single word!
Open the door to your new life, go where you love to go, do what you love to do!
And just by being you, maybe enjoying nature, hugging a tree, smelling the flowers, water, wind, sun and moon and the glittering stars in the night sky!
As you enter the higher dimensions, the fifth and more, you will be able to see more and more aura colors of Mother Earth! She is welcoming you and she and you will be closer than ever!
She is willing to share important messages about herbs, and healing plants as soon as you are in contact with her! As well as other important messages about her geological status.
The ascension is all about knowing Mother, your Mother Earth, the pillar of contact works all around, as well as upp and down and into earth, it is all about love!
Mother Earths love will be apparent for you as you get to know her more and more!
Heaven and earth will be integrated sooner than you know!
So dear beloved friends, you are blessed, and your steps are as well!
I love you,
Archangel Michael

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Archangel Michael; Imagine love conquers all!

I am Michael
I love you and I serve God!
There is data, numbers, equations, prognoses,
calculations, matter and voids.
And yet there is a very important energy
that many don’t count with!
This energy that I talk about is something that comes from far away.
Very far away actually!
This energy is unstoppable!
This energy is the heartbeat of the universe.
And it is many times stronger than your sun that you see in the sky every day.
And this energy is called LOVE.
Love goes through EVERYTHING through out the entire universe.
Sometimes it meets obstacles. These obstacles is mostly energies of feelings.
For example fear.
Fear blocks the energy of love.
For a while.
Love comes through eventually even where fear is.
There are other energies that temporarily block the energy of love and they are;
and after these there are some others to.
And how about the opposite, what attracts the love energy are
joy, gratitude, humility, kindness, friendliness..!
Look around you!
What do you see?
Are those around you at ease, relaxed, with no troubles?
I guess not!
It is not very common on your planet! Yet!
It will be!
To be able to see through the haze of fear,
is to be able to see love everywhere and knowing it will
conquer all, really soon!
And always start with yourself,
by loving yourself completely
and embracing all of yourself!
That is how you really attract love,
the love that will soon
conquer all!
I am archangel Michael
have Faith in me,
I am forever yours!

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Archangel Michael; Recapturing your joy!

I am Michael
and I serve God,
I am an Archangel
and I serve you!
You can always call on me!
I have a special group of angels
that is very important to me!
And that is the angel ground crew!
Yes there are angels walking on earth right now,
and they have been tasked to do so a long time ago,
actually they have always been on earth.

I will give you an update on the necessities
for an angel on earth;

Every day you benefit from having a quiet moment,
just for you where you embrace yourself and the new day!
Now you give yourself the nourishment, for both
body and soul.

An angel also needs to be close to Mother Earth,
your holy Mother, there are different ways to be close.
If you don’t have the possibility to go out in a forrest, just love a little potted plant.
Or a little flower on a lawn, in a park in the middle of a city!

An angel always feels bad about the ego. An angel is constantly aware of his or hers own ego.
An angel need to relax and feel joy each day, to balance the moodiness that can occur, when he or she is overwieving the ego. An angel need to be focused on being balanced when it comes to this.
Please call on Jesus Christ Sananda, the Master of Joy, he will balance you and he will also aid you to be able to embrace joy each day!

Of course Sananda is not alone, in helping you to recapture your joy! Many archangels will help you naturally! And never forget that angels always works in teams! It is of great importance that you foresee this, that the great gift of joy is yours to recapture. The joy is a living energy and it has always a DNA code, from its origin. You have your joy, and it is yours. Then you go about doing things in your life, you meet people, situations, and sometimes you lose your joy. And yet, it is still there. Even though your joy has been kidnapped, it is still there AND waiting for you to CALL IT BACK to you!

Your joy want to be with you. Your joy LOVES you! You are its creator! Joy always needs to be free, to be able to do its job, spreading joy! So say a prayer and call back your joy! Set your joy FREE! As an angel on earth many of you have lost a lot of joy.

And now I give you this tool, this most important knowledge TO RECAPTURE YOUR JOY!
You need to use your FREE will!

Say to God, Sananda, Faith, Hope and Love, Grace, that now I need my joy back, please!

You, my angel ground crew, must learn this now, and let this knowledge spread out to all people on earth because it is your birthright, to have your own joy.

I love you,
Archangel Michael

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Shakti; I love you!

I am Shakti, I am a force of LOVE!
I exist everywhere, in all directions
and in all times.
If you make love together with me
the love making will be holy and very sincere!
I meet the true you and you meet the true me,
the true love is a fire as well as air, water and earth.
You find me when you are clear in your heart
and you truly love Mother Earth, your planet!
Then in our love making you will find that you are
a natural part of the Universe where I come from!
There are no limitations to my love and the search for me
is a quest for many of you.
The very essence of love, is the heartfelt devotion to life, to every leaf, to every drop of water
to every seed that lands in the soil, and the beloved seeds will sooner or later start to grow and becoming a flower.
You can feel me in the wind, in the ocean, on the highest mountain and in the deepest valley.
And I know you! Yes! I know all of you!
And I know what you are sad about and I know what makes you happy!
I am always here waiting for you and your desire to meet me.
I am waiting for the storm to settle in your hearts, and the mist to slowly give way for sunshine and light and a special clarity to make way for the enlightened knowledge that my feminine force of love embraces all and has an important part in the entire Universe.
The balance awaits, and yet it is stabilises more and more for every breath you take, and for each unified heartbeat that humanity have.
And yet you have to go through a re-birth, you have to go through a transformation, letting go of the old paradigm.
It is like the eye of the needle,
it is like a special knowledge,
coming through the eye of the needle, like a red thread,
that needs to be pulled through
otherwise it is like a tool that has no purpose yet.
Now you actually have the tool, and you also have the red thread,
you just have to realize,  what is obvious, the balance between feminine and male energies.
When you love each footstep that you take, and when you love each breath that you make and you hold all treasures from Mother Earth high and close to your heart, and I mean your daily food, water and amenities that SHE provides for you, then you are very near to pull the red thread through the eye of the needle.
When you are thankful for every single bee that pollinates all precious flowers, when you are grateful for every little natural life of Mother Earth that work ambitiously to aid Mother Earth and that also provides fruits, seeds, food and more, to you, then you are also very close to begin to use your tool.
The feminine force is a magical woven flying carpet, and you will also help by getting your red thread ready to weave with and making the carpet even larger and more beautiful.

We all work together making this beautiful carpet larger and larger reaching far out in our great Universe. We are all connected! Every little new thread that is being knotted in, to the big carpet is a work that does not go by unnoticed.
We, the feminine force of love, feel every attempt you make to become a weaver!
We know your work, your special design, your special choice of colors, you are indeed very unique.
Love will set you free, and I will help you
and I say
you are on your way
and I know we will soon meet,
and until then
I just have to say once more
I love you,
much more than you will ever know...

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Ora Lee talks!

Today I get a special message!
From Ora Lee! Many have asked the question ”who killed Ora Lee?"
At first I hear a name, or as I first thought, the word oraly?!
But then I understand it is a persons name.
Ora Lee and she is a woman!
And she says;

The man I loved did not kill me,
we where about to get married.
The man that killed me, was someone I new from earlier,
a man I was dating at first, but I felt
he was not the right man for me!
It happened very quickly
it made me very sad!
Today I am a guiding angel that helps
couples in love reaching their goal to get married!
God bless you,
Ora Lee

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Pegasus; High on air!

I am Pegasus and I love you very much!
Air is important and when you treat the air well and with love,
you will notice some special things!
The love that you give air can really set you free!
That is what air is meant to do!
Air is very close to Ether another element and is connected
with dimensions of love.
There is no coincident...the connection is absolute!
I have talked about it before and I will talk about it even more;
Dear friend, LOVE EACH BREATH as it is your best friend!
Then you will be able to feel, the tingling sensation of love and healing!
When you love each breath, you also love yourself!
The holy spirit, is all about LOVING THE AIR THAT YOU BREATHE!
Humans of Earth play out all of your cards, but you usually miss this one!
The most natural of all! The love of air card!
Practise a little moment each day!
I say this as a friend!
I will help you!
I love you!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Chiron; The apple does not fall far from the tree!

I am Chiron, and I am so in love with you.
You are living on Earth and you are the most beautiful beings.
You just don’t know about it.
I see you when you look under each stone, on every beach, I see you search high and low
for many different things.
You seek many times after valuable things, things that you hold close to your heart, and when you find what you are looking for you feel great joy and I see your wonderful colors of happiness.
I see you when you dance with great joy when you have searched and found your treasure.
And I think that you have not yet discovered the greatest gift of all!
The greatest gift of all is in a void and it is transparent in color.
The greatest gift is actually not visible to your human eyes.
It is actually placed between your arms, outside your body.
This place, between your arms, is a place for friendship, it is an orb.
Not many can see it!
It is an orb that is so beautiful to look upon, and yet none of you humans can see it.
Yet you can FEEL it!
When you give someone a hug,
you can feel it!
When you care for someone, and make them feel good, you can feel this ORB!
It is the greatest gift of all and it is called
This energy is a living being and when you hug a person that loves you back
you can feel elevated and high on the love energy!
No matter how much you search high and low for items, of different kinds, the love orb is always with you, and you can share this energy endlessly, it will even grow the more you share it.
This love orb, is free and you don’t have to search for it!
So dear beautiful friends, I love you so much, and it is really fun to see your search, for items that you put in your pocket and you forget that the greatest gift of all is free, and LOVE is where you are!
If you acknowledge LOVE totally, then you will be able to see the love orbs and know fore sure that it is the path to peace and freedom on your planet!
As you are created of love,
you have love,
you are love,
you don’t really have to search any more,
because you already have it,
just BE YOU!
I love you

Mother Mary; Mothers of Earth!

I am Mother Mary!
I walk amongst you, at all times!
Mothers carry life, at the right temperature, in the right environment for the sake of the new life soon to be born.
Mothers carry life, within their own life and that is a process of love!
I am no difference, I did the same.
Woman of Earth, you have amazing glory around you, and you should know how valuable you are!
Your planet is a great womb itself.
She gives life to many children,  and then when time comes they are birthed and then they start their  life on their own.
I am talking about the seasons.
Every season, spring, summer, fall, and winter ARE CHILDREN OF EARTH.
Then later they develop and they move from home, your planet.
They move out in the Universe and there they find a new home!
There is a great swirl around earth, that moves in a growing spiral, in all different beautiful colors of the seasons that she has.
Every day is a new day.
Every day is newborn!
Please place your hands, palms and fingers together and welcome each new day!
Treat each day as a newborn baby!
With grace, care and love!
When you say your prayer each morning, say your prayer with the intention that each day is newborn!
Please state the ambition of your heart for today and on every new day!
I am there when you say your prayers, and I am also there when you don’t have the time.
I know you are very busy and you do other things!
I am there with you all the time, even if you are occupied with other things!
I just want you to know that every time you say a prayer, you are getting aligned with me, and many angels, as well as heaven and divine realms.
And you can feel us better, clearer each time you say a prayer.
Every day is newborn, like a blank canvas, and you actually need to fill in what your heart feels is important for you, on each new day.
Some think they can say a prayer that will last for a year, a month, a week...but no, it is not so.
A prayer lasts from sunrise to the beginning of the next sunrise.
What is important for you?!
Please pray for what is important to your heart, each morning and
you will find the you will be heard much more.
Your Mother Earth gives you the chance of setting everything straight, 
each new sunrise.
Just by saying a new prayer!
She is dualistic.
Day and night, sun and moon, light and darkness, almost like a rollercoaster she moves and gives you, the children of Earth different settings, moods, opportunities each day and night.
What I now tell you is that through everything goes...
LOVE at all times.
And through all the dualities goes YOU with your LIGHT and LOVE
if you choose to!
And you will discover that there is a good darkness.
In the mothers womb there is a good darkness,
there need not be any light other than the childs and mothers own light.
In the womb there is joy, tranquility and also movement and music, rhythm.
Sometimes you are afraid of the dark, and yet in the dark room at night, all bodies glow in
the colors of the rainbow. It is the field of your auras, that always glow in the most beautiful colors.
The sun loads upp an energy field every day around you that also last through the night!
The negative dark that I will talk about is when there is no will to learn, and negligence to embrace love and peace!
Carry yourself as you where a little child.
Give yourself tender love and care, as a mother do to her child.
BE your own child!
Embrace yourself!
And then you will feel the Mother´s Love!
When you love yourself and you really treat yourself with nourishing motherly care,
you will be able to do the very same to all around you, as well as your planet,
your dear Mother Earth!
A lot of children have lost their families, and have no Mothers that love them,
a lot of people have no friends or family that care about them!
You can make a great difference!
Just by loving and embracing all of yourself!
I love you forever,
Mother Mary!

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Ashtar; I am here!

Dear friends, I love you!
This is a special day!
A big battle has been won over forces that didn’t want Earth to be a planet of love.
This battle has been going on for over two years.
Today we celebrate! 
Today we can truthfully say that we have come many steps closer
to a peace that will last.
Now we can finally proceed with the plans that the Galactic Federation have written a long time ago for your beloved planet.
You need help and your planet needs help.
You have walked a long way and you have also reached a point, where we know many of you have felt in your hearts that you would not mind help from the skies. 
You are now many on the planet that are openminded to the concept of a collaboration to aid all 
that need help on your planet.
And all in the name of peace and love of course!
We ARE already with you, we have already landed!
You have probably already seen us, or felt us.
If your planet feels good, you will feel good.
We will not serve you a buffet, we will give you the tools to do the cooking yourself!
We come in peace and we see you as our family!
Everything is linked together! Your planet is a part of our universe and vital to 
every other living being in this part of the universe. 
Our ambition is that you will be flourishing and living in abundance, together with your planet, and feeling her natural systems! 
Natural and free energy systems will be taught to you all, and it will make you go in the direction of self-sufficiency at all levels.
So for now,
I will just say
I love you
and I will see you soon!


Oberon; I cry when I see you cry!

I am Oberon,
I am a part of this planet.
You call her with many names,
I call her Mother!
Whatever I need, it comes from her
my Mother, she provides for me!
Her ambition is to provide for you all!
She has no boundaries, no borders,
except for those that you make on your own.
The fresh water is supposed to flow, the movement
is crucial to the waters health benefits.
That is why she has arranged the waters to flow, in different rivers, small or big.
When the water can’t flow, and also when the wind don’t find the barriers
in the trees the wind will move in other ways, not very natural ways.
When you choose to cut down a forrest, the wind has no natural place to stop, nowhere to land.
The new paths, manmade ways, make her, yours and mine Mother exhausted.
She wants all food to be shared amongst all of you, as well as the water,
the clean and LIVING WATER!
As you restrict her, you will find out that you are restricting yourself!
The manmade way of using her, exhausting her, will exhaust yourself!
It all always comes back, to you!
This is an important lesson for you!
And she can hear your weeping, and she weeps too...
because she loves you, unconditionally!
She is waiting for you to awaken to HER, so you can hear her and feel her love!
She will give you very good advise on how to treat her for your own good and for her well being.
She wants you to tap in to her, know her, as you know yourself, she loves you and she knows that you are not feeling good, as long as you don’t know how to treat her good.
She knows about all of your pains, troubles and ailments.
She wants to help you all, individually!
She is waiting for you dear child!
I love you, and my name is Oberon,
and I cry, when I hear you cry.
I am waiting for you, to call upon me,
for I want to see a happy smile on your faces.
I will help teach you about Mother and all of her beautiful remedies.
I love you very much,

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Archangel Gabriel; The twin places are being healed!

I am Gabriel, I am an archangel!
I am a servant of God and he is my shepherd.
I help God in different ways. My main work consists of
aiding faith to remain on earth.

Faith is an universal energy, that always works in the constellation with Hope and Love. It is a holy trinity. On earth, I am like the shepherd that is working with Faith, Hope and Love, and I am constantly checking how Faith Trinity are doing. 

I follow Faith everywhere. There needs to be balance, in the trinity. When Faith, Hope and Love come to earth there is perfect balance. And as soon as it lands, the balance are interrupted. 

A large ground crew are working on healing this imbalance. All places on earth that has been under pressure, caused by criminal activity, spreading sorrow, pain, and more are now being healed at this moment. 

Your planet has a delicate nervous system, and everything is connected. So by healing each point, opens up for joy and happiness all around her, your mother Earth. 

All places on earth has a twin place. That is why this ground crew are so important. Each point that is being healed, will affect also its twin place. And that place can be situated anywhere on the planet. So this healing that now is taking place will open upp for more harmony and joy. 

Actually this team has been doing this for some years now. And a few of them have done it for decades. Every little spot on your beloved Mother, is important. 

As soon as you love a place, cherish the ground, it will aid the twin place. And this helps the holy Trinity. 

Faith will be restored, just as well as Hope and Love, it will be balance, and through the balance comes joy, great joy! 

So when you love each step you take, and each place you visit, you become a part of this great ground team, that works with this at all times.
I love you
Archangel Gabriel

Monday, 2 April 2018

Pegasus; I love you!

I am Pegasus
I live in the etheric realm.
I also live in your dimension!
There are really no barriers
only those than you think, are there.
Yes, the sky is the limit!
Hold your horses you might think now,
am I not exaggerating a little bit?
No, not really!
You have been taught that there are limits, everywhere.
You have even been shown the limits and fences.
So you have fallen for it, and you have fallen pretty hard,
down, into amnesia.
Each and every human is a great masterpiece of creation.
You are unique and have also individual mastery
that goes beyond all imagination!
But almost all of you have forgotten this in your fall into
the haze of the illusion, that is obligatory on your planet.
I could talk for eons of hours about the haze, that your planet holds.
It is not your Mother Earths of course, it belongs to those people that hold the control stick,
they who think they are in charge of you all.
They are in fact in charge of the illusion, the manmade haze, that you hold. And nothing else.
The sooner you let go, of the illusion that you can do no change no matter your effort,
the sooner the control stick ceases to exist.
It is time you hold your own now!
I mean being in charge of your actions, and believing in them!
Every step that you take counts, every step that you take is precious.
Please let it be in the direction of faith, hope and love, that all light workers, should go, bringing their great knowledge and spreading it all around!
I know you can do it because I know all of you!
I know everyone of you, and I know of your individual skills as lightworkers!
When you have reached a certain level of knowledge you are not meant to be quiet any more!
Your guides, always let you know when it is time to move forward and upwards!
And the sky really is the limit!
I love you

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Pegasus! How about Love!

Love is the most natural thing, a glorious force!
Incarnation after Incarnation you live and learn, to master your level of LOVE!
It is a job that takes you to many different levels, settings and possibilities.

When you count with love and the numerous possibilities that love provides, you climb up on the love scale! Love opens doors always,  no matter where you are, more doors will open than you ever could believe!

Roads that you have never seen before, the very existence of these roads will be new for you!

I work together with many archangels and I am devoted to earth and I am always prepared to guide you whenever you like!

I will guide you closer to your love paths so that you can see them clearly within your heart!

In essence all you need to do is just say my name in Your heart,  and I will guide you!

I am Pegasus,
and I love you always!

Mother Mary; I love you dearly!

I love you dearly!
I know of every mile you have walked.
I know of every stone you have bumped into, and I can tell you about every turn your path has taken you.

NOTHING is a coinsident. And how can that be!? You are here to learn about love and nothing else matters. .. !

In the essence of Love there is JOY!
Joy is a living being!
Joy is incoded with your DNA, the joy that you created!

Joy is a free energy that always needs to fly free. Joy is a dimension of its own!

Negative forces steel joy. And make you sad.
Now the time has come!
A new era is finally here!
The realm of joy will be free now.
Joy can no longer be inprisoned!
Many Lightworkers and many humans have suffered for a long time, as their joy have been kidnapped!

Please start your day with your prayer as usual, now add your hearts wish to recall your joy! Your joy will HEAR your request, as this is your free will! 💚 Your joy loves you and await to hear from you. Your request, your call to your joy, will set it FREE from the kidnappers.

Then you might ask yourself: did you ever allow your joy to leave you?
The answer is NO!

But there is a force on the opposite
side to Goodness and Love and Joy, that have been too strong for over thousands of years and they have feed on fear, sorrow and guilt and more.
This have been their food! A whole buffé of sad feelings.

And now finally the joy and love force are about to weigh heavier on the scale and more balance will appear in Your life!

Now it is time to reclame your joy of your heart!

Heaven is closer than ever to being a natural part of Earth, where love joy faith and hope are the powers in charge!

Through all your lifes you will now be able to heal the etheric orbs with the Miracle of Joy!

Each life you lived on earth has its own etheric wheel. Every time you are born into earth these circles find you and complete you!

And Joy will now be healed in all your etheric orbs!

Now you are being granted with the abilitiy to heal what needs to be healed!

Just remember it is no quick-fix!
You have to really work on it!

You are a miracle of life
and you are deeply loved!

I am Mother Mary and I am
also an Archangel,
I am devoted to guide you
and I await your call for Joy!
I love you!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Sananda; Let me guide you!

I am Sananda and I love you!
The sun rises every day and you go about
in your life doing what you are doing!
This is what you are used to and how you look upon your life.
That is okey!
Of course!
Yet there are something I would like to say. ..!
Have you forgotten that I love you!?
Do you think I am so great and large that I could not know you?
Do you think I am so busy with more important things that you and your life would be unimportant to me?!
We are a collective!
Every part, all of us is equally important!
You are equally important to any of us!
Please dont listen to Those that say anything different!
We are one, and all parts of our oness is like a ribbon that never ends,  it is a full circle. And If you look closely on the ribbon there is Pearls and beautiful beads actually creating this ribbon. Each Pearl is equally important and has its own color and qualities. All are necessary for the whole band to work good!
So you are one of those gems, a long with us all. We need you to step up FOR YOUR SELF...and for the collective of Light!
I know every one of you!
I know all about you!
You are very important to me and
to us all!
Lay all your worries on me and I will help you!
You are never alone!
I just think you have forgotten about your birthright...and about who you are!
You have many brothers and sisters that love you and they are awaiting your awakening to your own acknowledgement of yourself!!
So I say
I love you
and I would like to walk hand in hand with you as you are so important to me and our collective.
It is a matter of YOU and your faith in Yourself and I walk beside you and I am waiting for you always!
The collective of Light loves you
and says "when you realize how important you are and how you spread the light, the more your pearl,  gem, will interact with the ribbon and you will be in Your true essence.
We are a collective and we work as one!"

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Goddess Ganga; Your navel chakra is adamant!

I am Ganga,
I flow
I move
and I also fly!
I am in you
and I am outside you!
Connectedness means
eternal love and
in your navel chakra
there is valuable materia
not for your eyes but for mine.
My heart and eyes are the same,
you don’t have to seek me, I am YOU.
The navel chakra is now being
upgraded in your bodies and
so is Gaias.
The earth has its poles
and your navel chakra is your own pole.
They interact together with the moon and the sun!
This upgrade will make you feel more complete, and filled with harmony!
Will you feel any symptoms?
No! It is a slow and positive change!
Together we will create
a very beautiful rainbow and
you are a dear child of Gaia
and I love you very much!

Sananda with guest; Haile Selassie.

Channeling with Sananda with special guest Haile Selassie,
through channeler Kerstin Eriksson 27 February 2018,

I am Sananda, and I am forever
bestowed to guide you.
I love you and please put your worries in my hands
and I will help you carry them.
Tonight I have a special guest
coming through;
He is a dear old friend, a brother to me
and to you!
His name is Haile Selassie.
He will now say a few words!

"I am and you are!
Yes you have heard it before!
The truth is we are very close!
In fact we share the same heartbeat.
What could I have done differently?
I could have loved more, much more!
Maybe I played an easy part in life, maybe
things where handed to me...?! And yes
I could go with the flow and now I can see
from here, it is of course easy to see from heaven
what was once. 

And I say I could have loved much more,
every day, every night, I could have looked closely and loved more
and I could have looked far away and loved much more.
And from where I am now I say, take very good care of yourself, 
and your friends, and love them more because you will never 
regret it! And never forget to love yourself! 
The more you give love, the more love you will have!
And so I say,
I love you!”

Monday, 19 February 2018

Venus; I am Amira and I say You are blessed!

Channeling with Amira from Venus through Kerstin Eriksson blog  a Free teachings blog! 19 February 2018

Hallo dear earthlings, I am Amira
and I am calling you from Venus.
We are in constant contact with you
as always. We are there, more than you ever know.
Venus is the Mother of Earth, and so you are our children!
Everything that you go through we have also experienced.
Though we did it a very long time ago.
As Gaia your Mother, is evolving into more light
you do just the same. The more you evolve the more contact we will have!
We will grow deeper and more loving bonds with many of you.
Many of you are actually already waiting for us!
Some of you will be the new teachers, of the new era.
Our collaboration will be most important and bear many fruits that earth has been waiting for.
These fruits, have the seeds that later will grow, and spread out so all will have access to the new teachings.

The DNA that is now constantly repairing itself and letting the light in, make you feel that this might be interesting. The DNA itself has your own library. You already have the knowledge, that you as a soul was born with. Now it is the time for the knowledge to slowly awaken. So many things will feel familiar to you, and you would like to know more about them. The DNA strand within you is also connected with the DNA strand in your light body. Your light body is your higher self. Your higher self has the ability to go into your dimension and go back to higher dimensions and are constantly flexing in between. So you two are one and the same and yet not entirely.
You make your own decisions always.

This is how it is; to awaken is a job. A constant job, where you seek to develop into higher knowledge, to access your own library. To be able to do this, you need to work with yourself. Yes it is actually a job. A soul job. It is a path of the heart. Why we use this channeler is why she is in constant contact with Faith and her teachings. We choose this channel on Gaia, because her teachings are the ones that we think can aid you. (Wow Amira thank you!)

Everyone and everything will evolve anyway, of course even without the job, and yet it is like being given a rough diamond, and this diamond looks like an ordinary rock, and it has no shimmer in different colors. You are given the diamond, you all are given a diamond,  but it is up to you how much you want it to shimmer. You have to do the job yourself. It is a diamond regardless! The knowledge, the library within you, is a gift to yourself, that you can choose to work with or not.
All knowledge that your soul has is something that you have learned by doing.
You always come to Earth for soul teachings
and your souls source is love.
We will keep in touch with you,
and we love you very much!


Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sananda; Clearing the air!

I am Sananda and I love you!
Today I will talk about a feeling
that sometimes gives you regrets and a feeling of shame?!
No matter how much we all need to be at our best, kind and friendly
we sometimes are compelled to deal with narrow spaces, where we have no
option to move away, or turn the other side to whatever we are meeting.
We just have to face whatever it is, and we might be challenged
right there and then, having to deal with difficult matters without any
I am talking about anger!
It is okey! Of course!
Actually it is essential!
Without anger, what would happen?!
Please listen to your own anger!
What does it say?!
Anger is a marker!
That something within needs a change!
Anger is a force, that can be used to do very good things!
It is a choice, what you make of it!
It is your own choice actually!
When you are afraid to meet your own anger
and you do not listen to what is says, then it will become an obstacle for you.
When you say your daily prayer to God, ask for clearance and acknowledgement of your anger.
Ask God to help you see clearly what it is trying to say to you!
Be friend with you own anger, listen to why this feeling is there in the first place.
There is a reason, always!
Use your anger as a way to make a change in a positive and caring way!
When you feel your anger, feel in your heart that now it is time to be honest and clear and making room for positive and good change!
Sometimes some of you, my dear beloved friends feel guilt, when you are angry, and therefore you never listen to your anger or deal with what really needs a positive change!
See your anger as a positive tool, to make a change for the better, for something good!
If you are afraid of your anger, embarrassed for it, or feel guilt about it, you need to listen
to yourself more.
Listen within, and ask yourself, what is it that you need, and ask yourself what do you love, and what is hindering you, and what positive changes can you do, to make it easier for you to follow your heart?! I Sananda will always help you see more clearly, for I am most eager to aid you, and help you follow your heart and believe in your dreams!
Not seeing into yourself, into your heart, hinders your path, and you might feel you are standing still. It might have to do with anger, that you don´t take seriously.
Love your anger, as it is a part of yourself, listen carefully to what is important to you,
it is time for a good and positive change!
I love you, and I always will,
and I walk beside you
and I will guide you through
whatever you need help with,
please have faith in me and ask me
to hold your hand in mine!
You are here on earth for a
good and loving reason,
as you are made of love
and more positive rays of creation.
Not dealing with your feelings, your anger, creates a blockage. and you stand still.
It is a part of your life, your souls teachings, and by loving yourself and your anger a little bit more will help you, move again, and I am there with you whatever happens,
I love you

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Tomten Samo berättar om sin arbetsgivare!

Jag längtar efter att få berätta för er om mitt liv, vårat liv, oss tomtar!
Vi bor på jorden, alldeles bredvid Er.
Ni ser oss ibland.
Vi rör på oss ganska fort, ni kan då se något som rör sig raskt i ögonvrån.
Vi sköter Moder Jord, den stora tomten, den stora marken och vi städar
läker och helar henne dagligen. Vi älskar henne, vår runda Moder.
För oss finns inga gränser, vi sköter hela henne, Hon är den stora Modern.
Jag heter Samo och jag är en tomte och jag har en familj!
Jag har en fru och tre barn!
Vi bor i ett hus och jag har ett jobb!
Jag älskar min familj, mitt jobb och mitt liv!
Jobbet är mitt liv!
Solen är min arbetsgivare!
Solen ger mig olika mycket jobb!
På sommaren får jag mycket att göra!
På vintern är det betydligt mindre!
Då lagar vi strumpor, vi tillverkar skor, kläder!
På sommaren har vi fullt upp, då solen skapar så mycket liv överallt!
Vi är många tomtar, och vi hälsar alla till Er!
Vi har stor lärdom om livet på jorden, och om hur allt hänger ihop!
Flödet i livet är A och O för oss, och det ger en oändlig glädje!
Nu ska jag laga mina barns skor!
Så jag kanske berättar mer en annan gång!
Hälsningar till Dig,
från skogen där jag Samo bor med min familj!

Sananda; The color of Love!

I am Sananda and I love you!
Some see me as an eagle,
others see me as the wind,
and you can also see me as
anyone you meet in the street!
The etherical element, is as the air
and the wind, the very same that you breathe.
The air surrounds you at all times!
The air is a living element, very living!
The holy spirit, is there for you always.
When you breathe, you MAKE the air holy,
as you are indeed holy!
Know that the air loves you, for every breath that you take!
Every breath you take is very precious, and you are a creator
In the air is also water, the beloved water, is also surrounding you at all times.
It is a very fine mist, invisible to our eyes most of the time.
The water is as the air, an all-surrounding consciousness.
If you can communicate with only one drop of water, you can communicate with all waters!
It is the same with the air, if you really love each breath you take, you will be able to feel love
over all, as you then become omni-present, as I am!
So I say to all my dear friends of Earth, my beloved sisters and brothers I await your
love breaths, and we will connect together as the love family as we are!
It is actually a RE-UNION I am talking about, a great meeting, long awaited
re-bonding meeting, for we are already ONE, in the name of love.
Together we create the color of love, the love air, the air that are you!
Just have faith, in yourself and always love all that is you, and believe in your dreams!
And know that every breath counts, because it is you, dear friend.
Please take your time, dear, you are my family, and I have time,
I already walk beside you always,
as I love you with all of my heart!

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Sananda; Have faith in me!

Dear beloved friends,
I am Sananda and I am forever your guide whenever you like!
You are very dear to me and I always walk beside you!
I am omnipresent and I am as the air that you breathe!
When you love each breath, when you love yourself
you can easier feel my presence!
The natural way of living, the natural power is love!
Everything else is a sort of a detour.
It is a detour you can learn very much from.
Then there is fear. Fear creates blockages. Fear is blocking love.
Love is a ray, a natural force that goes through everything,
except fear, and yet it will come through the deepest fear too.
There are many rays, energies and positive powers, that is constantly
flowing through you, almost like a song!
This love song is best felt and heard when you have FAITH.
Faith is a basic pillar, like the foundation to a house.
The more faith you have, the more you can tap into the love song as it is a constant energy.
Faith as I speak about, is always working together with hope and love.
It is a holy trinity and this energy is an universal force.
Here on this planet that you live on,
Faith is kidnapped, by religions.
The Faith I talk about is always graceful, humble, loving and caring and always peaceful!
So when you embark on the path of belief in the search for the greater mysteries of the universe,
and in the power of love, you need to make sure you have Faith with you, in your heart!
When you build a house, your foundation is a very important matter!
In your search for deeper knowledge, and your ambition to talk directly to God
or to be enlightened has everything to do with FAITH.
Faith is also the key to the door to the house and equally important, as the foundation!
The house is your precious life and you need to take good care of it, always!
Always check on your foundation, your faith, and ask yourself how grounded you are!
Please ask us for help, if you have traumas, blockages, ask God for help, ask me for help, the more you work with your own fears, and whatever is blocking you, the more you will strengthen your Faith. We are always prepared to aid you in all that you need to work with.
Your inner life, your inner garden will no longer be foggy, now it will become clear, bright, and light!
Please, let us show you the way!
We love you!
There is no quick fix or button to press, and `voila`, there is your successful transformation, into higher knowledge and wisdom and so on...!
It is actually an ongoing work...a walk every step in life with Faith, Hope and Love!
And at the same time knowing it is a process, to embrace your deepest fears, and worries,
and this process, this work that I talk about, is a natural way, that God and I can provide for you 24/7 or just as much as you wish!
And I assure you, we never leave your side, we are fully dedicated to serve you always!
So I say once again, we are ready to work, with you, if you want to,
it is up to you it is your free will, it is a universal law!
We never force ourselves on to you!
So we need to say
we love you, more than you can ever imagine!
So please have Faith in me and in the power of love
and I will await your call always
for you are a glorious child of Earth!
I love you,

Monday, 29 January 2018

Sananda; Call on me!

Dear beloved friends of Earth
I love you!
I have something to talk about this night.
Everything that goes around comes around...!?!
It will become clear tonight for there are a lot to say!
You have a hand! And on that hand you have five fingers!
For each finger there are very important things for you to recall and remember!
And first before I start telling you about each finger, I have to say, look closely
on your palm and on your fingers for they have unique patterns that no one else has!
So I begin with your first finger.
The first finger says;  give yourself love each day! This finger is also unique and has
great knowledge about love. It is expecting you to take full charge of your life now and start giving yourself unconditional love each day. And your finger, the first one, will of course help you anyway it can! Because this finger absolutely love you!
Now the second finger; This finger is the creative one! It loves humor and loves to express itself! The second finger says to you, please do this too! Explore your creativity, and ask yourself what makes you happy, and makes you warm with love in your heart. The second finger will most definitely help you, and guide you in your wild fantasies of love and joy.
The third finger is a kind of a huligan. It obeys no rules, it goes in the direction that the heart points. The third finger is always obedient to the free will! You can call the third finger
Wild and Free. And the third finger says to you; You are free in your heart, no matter where you are!
And now the fourth finger, this finger is very romantic and can tell you many romantic stories if you would like. It also carries memories of love from your entire life. This finger tells you that you are good enough and that you can always find love around you because you deserve it.
And now the fifth finger! This finger is the smallest finger and yet here is your strongest finger!
In this little finger lies all your Faith, your trust in life, in yourself, and your courage. The smallest finger says to you to always have faith in yourself and that you have an important mission to work with. Each and everyone of you on earth are unique, and have a special place to be, and a special mission to work with. The little finger, says to you that the smallest thing, matter, can be very important, more than you can ever believe..!
So I just need to say; Please call on me!
You can put your dear hands together!
If you like you can say a prayer! All of your fingers make contact!
Your unique fingerprints are light, little light points, that work together.
All your dear fingers become your best friends!
They love you and so do I!
Please call on me from wherever you are,
I feel your prayer,
I feel your heart always.
And just remember your friends, your fingers, that have many special abilities...!


Monday, 22 January 2018

Archangel Gabriel; All is one!

A baby is born, a delightful baby!
A merrier time is coming,
a new season, a spring, in all hearts, a warm beautiful season!
And where is this baby born?!
Where do you think?!
In Africa, or in Australia, or on Iceland
or wherever you might think.
Well the answer my friend is
that the baby is born, within all our hearts!
This infant is like a rose, and all of a sudden
it has started to bloom!
We, the Archangels have been aware of the
rose, and it has been a flower bud for eternities.
It is now we can begin to see its color,
and it is now that we can feel the scent.
We are very happy, and we sing joyful hymns
to celebrate this great miracle.
So my dear child of Earth
please feel the rose in your heart
it is blooming now and it is a long awaited miracle.
Before the Big Bang the seed to the Rose was planted
and now we can´t stop dance and sing
for we have waited a long time.
We can see all your beautiful Roses
in fact your planet looks now like
a rose garden and it feels so good
to all our senses.
Please dear children of Earth
embrace your beauty,
feel your blooming rose within your heart
as you All is One Great Rose Garden.
Yours forever
Archangel Gabriel!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Sananda; I believe in you!

Dear beloved friends I am Sananda
I am here for you always!
Do you think I am perfect?
Do you think I am done with learning about my own path?
I have walked many roads, to be where I am today,
I have felt every feeling.
The universe is evolving and expanding
and so are you!
You are constantly learning new important matters about yourself and your path
in life here on Earth.
No one is perfect!
No matter where you are in your journey, there is always more to learn.
There is no end to learning!
Not even the most popular guru is fully learned!
The keys to walk the path to development, inner knowledge, the Light,
is to be fully compassionate to every step that you take!
You are on a journey.
Your life is a journey!
With an open mind and open heart you can realize that you are indeed travelling.
When you love each breath and when you have faith in each step of your path,
you will surely reach enlightenment!
Please bring JOY.
Don´t forget to feel your joy as you walk!
Let your joy be your travelling companion.
And there are more ingredients that are necessary!
Faith, hope and love of course!
And even more!
Sometimes you feel, that you are just struggeling, and you don´t feel that you move forward?
Well I have also struggeled! And I have felt exactly the same!
Sometimes we stand still for a reason. A very good reason!
It is like an incubating time, a moment in life where you grow,
and there after it is time to move again.
It is a natural part of your journey!
It is a special time for you to develop in,
before you choose direction and there are many paths.
So let there be joy and love each step that you take!
Look into your heart and feel gratitude for each breath that you take!
Through the loving vibration of grace and gratitude doors are being opened.
Sometimes when you think that you are just struggeling,
you have forgotten about having faith in yourself.
You have the keys, but at these moments you can´t see them.
So embrace grace and gratitude and realize that you have what you need
and that is you dear!
I love you and I always walk beside you, no matter if you are standing still or not!
I am Sananda
and I believe in you!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Lord Buddha; 2018 a year of expansion!

Dear beautiful friends
I am Lord Buddha!
You are all very dear to me.
I love you.
When I look at Earth
I see so many beautiful and special flowers.
I see a botanical garden where all the flowers are important,
where miracles can happen, whenever there is faith.
Each and everyone of you are a lovely flower that is also very exotic.
You are exactly where you are supposed to be.
You have your special colors, patterns, rhythms
and you are unique.
This year of 2018 is a year where you grow.
You ARE already YOU, and you are
much awaited as YOU ARE dear!
Please feel your uniqueness and I would like you to take yourself seriously
and also embrace the fact how special you are.
You and your special abilities, are much awaited.
You all have different skills, and you complement each other.
Cooperation and coherence are two very important tools in this new year of 2018.
You need each other and you make each other complete.
And at the same time this year is about just being yourself, and letting yourself grow.
You have worked for eternities, in life after life, to achieve this level as a ray of the sun.
I Lord Buddha, have followed you in your work, to fill the earth with light.
Each ray of the sun have special qualities and are unique, and you hold that light,
every one of you dear beloved lightworkers.
Sometimes I feel your hesitation and you might be thinking something like;
"Do I really have anything to offer other people, animals or earth?!"
Dear friends, many of you have walked in narrow roads and encountered hard resistance, and some of you need to find your faith once again.
YOU are YOU and you have your special mission as a lightworker and loveworker.
No matter who you have met, or in what kind of situations you have been in,
NO ONE can take away the important fact that YOU are YOU!
When I look upon Earth I see you all, and you are so very beautiful and you make her shine in
a wonderful light.
I just want you to have full faith in yourself, so your light will shine even more!
I am always by your side, just call on me and I will assist you!
I am Buddha
I feel your love
and I see your light
I am

Monday, 8 January 2018

Zeus; I love you!

8 January 2018, Channeling with Zeus through Kerstin Eriksson, Zeus; I love you!

The terrain changes as you walk through different landscapes!
You walk on narrow roads and also into deep walleys and up to high mountains.
And sometimes it rains and you can't get any glimts of the clear blue skye.
And other times there are so much sunlight that you find yourself to be very thirsty.

This is a part of your life, your path, that you walk, where the scenery changes constantly.
Sometimes you carry burdens, of different feelings, and now I say, take it easy, sit down for a while. See your path as a beautiful road, and you have 2 sides to your road. Sit down in the green grass beside your path, and take your time, to smell the flowers that grow there. You have planted them there yourself but you have forgotten about them! Now you put your bagage down, you don’t have to carry all those bags of worries, guilt and more, just for now, take your time to smell the loveliest of flowers for a while.

Give yourself time, to feel joy, to enjoy your own path! Along the way you have planted so many beautiful seeds and they are in full bloom right now. They have the loveliest scent of divine radiance. And they await your presence and your joy.

When you meditate you can always sit in your beautiful garden just by the side of your path, life path, it is there, it is your private paradise. You have it in your heart and it is a living place, you visit it in your dreams!

I am Zeus and I love you dearly
I hold you to my heart always!