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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Sirius talks about Beluga, white whale!

I am Sirius
I am Beluga
I am Ocean
I am Water
and you my dear friend
are Water
are Earth
are Air
are Sun.
Well, we are much a part of the very same,
that we call LIFE,
we are here
in the oceans
and we know you.
We know more than you can ever believe,
at night we look at the same stars as you do, 
and yet we know about our connection, with
Sirius, we know we have come down, to learn
how to be, and live, in the oceans of Earth.
It has been a great lesson for us and we still learn
very much. The first lesson that we learned is that
in the beginning we did not even notice the water.
Water was so natural for us, so we did not even 
know about it until a little bit later. And this was a very long
time ago! What I try to say is that you live in air, ether, and
this is a very important environmental aspect, that some of you
have not yet grasped, the essence of, as it affects you in many ways.
Air, ether, is a living being, as some of you call holy spirit! And what I will say
about this is, how you go about in your lifestyles, without loving your breath.
As you begin, to love your breath, every little breath, that is when you fully
acknowledge, your air, ether, as a loving friend, because you can not live
on land without loving your element, air, that you breathe, every single day of your
life. It is the same, that we, the Cetaceans, did ourselves in the very beginning...and the
insight, the inner knowledge, is awakening more and more as your DNA is awakening
according to the light that is coming in to your planet now. We think your religions have confused  you.
The holy spirit, is not meant for a priest, or for some especially chosen person. The breath is actually something that makes whole. It is very healing to love the breathing, because it makes you complete!
It is meant for all of you! You are all in it! And we, the Cetaceans, we are all in the water! No one is excluded! So I say, dear friend, love your breath, as it it your best friend!