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Thursday, 18 August 2016

REMEMBERING the victims of Russian bombing in Katyr-Yurt, Chechnya,

My angel, coach and mentor, mentioned something to me the other night!

In Chechnya, Russians bombed the village Katyr-Yurt for 2 days.
363 victims.
This was in February 4, 2000.
Does it matter that is was some years ago?
Does it matter that I personally did not know any of them?

My heart says, that we are all living here on Mother Earth
as a family, and all borders are manmade, not women made.
I pray for that they are safe in heaven with God!

From Wikipedia;
"Journalists who managed to report on the area confirmed the use, by the Russians, of the vacuum bomb on the town.[4] Vacuum bombs are dropped by parachute, and, when a couple of meters from the ground, release a cloud of petrol gas. The gas then reacts with the air, causing an explosion and then a vacuum, sucking away oxygen from living people, thus killing them.

So when I say a prayer, thanking for that I am living in a land where there is peace,
I will pray for those that was bombed in Katyr-Yurt. Estimated deaths: 363 people.God bless and RIP.

if we all choose it, within our hearts.