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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New vibrations of Earth! To all brave light workers!

So, what is up!
Well, your beautiful planet
Terra, Mother Earth
is raising!
She is now being healed in 5th dimension.
This is something you can feel also!
Everything that is living
will follow her, sooner or later!
If you feel you choose to follow soon,
you already know about it!
And you already feel and know you are on your way!
And you feel your reality can be changed as
you feel a certain timeless knowing and wholeness,
like a clarity in your life.
You are a bridge of love!
And you are also an
anchor of this energy!
Allowing others to follow!
When you go into the moment of now,
you are there!
You are doing a great job!
You can see a bright horizon
that others around you can’t see just yet.
Just hold on and be brave
you are the one, the true lightworker,
that go where there are no light
and you do your job there
and you don’t complain.
You are actually a light being, and you can create
rainbows if you like!
You are so important
we love you
and we just want to say;
have faith!