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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Help the girls of the BADI people in NEPAL from being used as sexslaves!

Please help these girls!

About LoveNepal

Mikael Alfvén visited Singapore in the fall of 2009. There he met

 another Swede Håkan Gabrielsson. Håkan showed him pictures

 of three girls who were prostitutes, sold by their own families

 as sex slaves to a brothel. The girls were 7-12 years old.

Mikael couldn’t shake off this experience, he had to act. Mikael, Håkan
 and a Nepalese man Raju, started the fall of 2009 the first Girls home
for 34 girls fleeing from brothels. When the girls first came they were
wounded and broken. They had been
sexually abused and totally humiliated numerous times. Many of them
were rendered apathetic because of all they had gone through.
They were happy to receive new clothes for the first time, hugging teddy
 bears and schoolbags in their beds. A new chapter of their lives had started.
After a first time of bliss it became tougher and more turbulent for them.
They fainted many times due to all the traumas they had been
through and they were in complete and utter pain. Many of them
were severely under nourished and some seriously ill.

 With the staff´s loving care and help of the local hospital the situation
changed for the better. Watching some of the girls today is like looking
at a totally different person. You really can’t recognize the old one anymore.
They have received restoration, comfort and healing in their lives and to see
their gratitude and joy is worth everything.
Since the start of the first home there has been an explosive growth of the work.
Six more homes have been founded. A school has been started
to give the girls education and a total of 600 girls have now been saved.
Love Nepal has met with the prime minister of Nepal and a number of
government administrators. They confirm the harsh terms of the Badi
people and give Love Nepal their full support. More homes are now
started and preventive work being done by supporting poor villages
so that they don’t have to sell their girls or wives for prostitution.