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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Eagle, Big Medicine Wheel and the Pleidians!

Once the great eagle lended me his wings and eyes.
I flew over land and water.
I was free and happy.

After some years I meet a soul with the name, Running Eagle, she was strong! She told me about being proud of being a woman! Maybe we all should be proud of what we are!

Recently I learned that I was going to build a Big medicine wheel, I didn’t know what it was. I found on internet. In America there already is one...!

I am an old woman. I love Mother Earth. Thinking many call themselves for shamans, and they do things for money. I just think the best things in life are free, and we are here to find freedom within. Within our hearts we find that we all are a big family of all colors once again!

Mother Earth needs us as One, so we can aid her, she is being polluted and poisoned. There is no time for war. It makes me angry to find that we humans want to travel to places in the universe and still people suffer here on Earth, children are hungry and are alone without safety. I think we should start HERE where we have our FEET. Not travel in space a very costly trip. Who needs it? Who wants to run away? Why doesn’t these people want to make this planet into a heaven, that it is meant to be?! 

What is up must come down
and what is down will go up...!

Only love and respect can set us free! 

Up in the sky the Pleidians have an eagle tribe that I work almost daily with, they want to help us!

 / Kerstin!